Sunday, July 17, 2016

Home is where Harts is - RxR2016

Home is where Harts is

Three Store Samples
It's no secret that I'm a fan of my LQS Harts Fabric and feel fortunate that our MQG chapter holds monthly guild meetings there.  Our members had the opportunity to submit an original design to be considered for the shop to use in the Row by Row Experience event this summer (June 21-September 6)  I'm thrilled to have had mine chosen. 
My Stash Scrap Pull
With a theme of "Home Sweet Home" it was easy to feel immediately connected to the project because after all it is located in the neighborhood where I grew up and I've been shopping there since I was a little girl.

Three samples seemed fitting for the triptych inspired view from the beach depicting a Seagull in Flight, California poppy field and the Santa Cruz mountains.  The design was from images in my head and memories more so than directly from specific photographs. 

I also felt it was important to show variety so that makers would be less inclined to duplicate the exact design.  Since the store is selling three different kit options: Kona light, Kona dark and Shot Cotton, it worked out well.  Although they are only 9"x36" each the steps to piece, quilt, bind and sleeve them all took a lot of hours!

First Version top at May Guild Show and Tell
What I didn't quite realize at the time I submitted my entry was the scope of the event. Little did I know until doing a bit of browsing after the fact was that it has grown from 20 shops across New York State when it started in 2011 to around 3K and has expanded internationally this year!

Row By Row Experience Shops
I really appreciate how the organizers have lists and maps so that if you are traveling you can check out where to stop.  No shortage of California participating shops, that's for sure.   Supporting brick and mortar quilt shops is so important especially independently owned ones.

Kona versions on the Design Wall
I was busy with a couple of workshops but managed to pull off finishing the store samples on time.  They all look pretty fun together with the blue and green theme.
In Process 
Having to write an actual pattern was challenging especially since I hadn't documented all of the specifics very well when the first one was made and because of the improv and abstract aspect of it.

Here are a couple of pictures from the shop shared on social media - including a great snap of my sweet granddaughter helping hold up the final finish while I balance the beautiful bouquet of flowers that I was gifted.
Kits for sale
Finished Shot Cotton Sample


  1. Very cool! I've loved your strip since the first time I saw it! Good going Karen - what a fun opportunity and experience. It'll be great to see your strip in future finished quilts!

  2. Congratulations Karen! I love your row!

  3. Great design! Congrates on your design being chosen, what fun!!!

  4. hi from ann arbor! love your design and the rows! - hopefully the pattern will available at the end of the row by row so i can get one here too! brenda @2louises


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