Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lake County Strata - BeeSewcial June

Lake County green strata 
My one big block measuring 13"x25" inspired by beautifully serene Naramta was wonderful to create for Felicity.   You can read all about the challenge this month on her bog post here .  There's been a lot of blue in my work lately so I chose to go for green "greenery" instead.

target joint position
I wanted to use a large variety of greens and many sizes for the horizontal rectangles.   The guidelines were straightforward however achieving the desired composition and vibe took quite a lot of manipulation.  Several times it got tricky balancing to avoid high contrast and squares but I feel like I pulled it off.
variety and contrast
The block was sent and received and now that she has all of her parts I can't wait to see how they all blend together.  Check out #beesewcial and #inspiredbybeesewcial on Instagram to follow her progress.


  1. Looking good! I'm looking forward to this quilt finish!

  2. This is really pretty, even all by itself! I love seeing what you and your talented improv piecers come up with to turn into modern quilts. The colors are always wonderful, just like this one.


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