Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Transitions - September BeeSewcial

For September, our BeeSewcial theme was Transitions.  Take a minute and read Anne's blog post because she says it way better than I ever could.  

You can also check out Instagram hashtag  #beesewcial to see how my mates have interpreted the challenge.  We would love for you to share your version with the tag #inspiredbybeesewcial .
Transitions - Two Bee Blocks

The block on the left measures 7"x25"   The one curve represents the bridge arch in the inspiration, the neutral surrounds as if imploding -a feeling associated with coping with change. A nod to paper piecing- with my improv paperless technique.  This technique I will definitely do again.

Block on the right 12"x21": colors are weather inspired for the 3 cities, Blue Sky (Ocean/Redwoods) Santa Cruz,  Snow for DC and Heat/Sun to represent Florida.  The design is based on houses - where we call home, but also my QDAD challenge entry that Anne encouraged me to make a  reality as well as her broken herringbone .  

In Progress Details

I've been embracing all kinds of techniques and approaches to quilt making especially as necessitated by the desire to sew original designs into quilts.  The creative zone achieved with this type of improv building and evolving as I go is really the sweet spot at the moment. 

Here are the two F+F2=AMSB blocks  in July 2013 as part of a bee for Anne.  They are one of my earliest use of symbolism that I recall and also one of the rare examples of my effort paper piecing

Now it feels like second nature to make with meaning - pp, not so much!.
initial parts
I went to bed perfectly happy with the block (option 3 above) and then woke up with the urge to add a bit to disrupt the bar and crowdsourced on IG which was a blast.  There were a few version 2 takers but #1 and the original were a tie.  I opted to leave well enough alone.
Exploring Layout
Because the blocks were made in tandem, I toyed with the idea of joining them into one large block but the beautiful portion that I'd grown so fond of seemed to get lost (see above).  Framing out in neutral was the right choice. 

When you cut and sew as you go, there are time when "the best part" gets sucked up into a seem or snipped off and discarded.   It's just part of the process.  This also means that joints pile up where you would not have as many had you calculated and positioned where they hit in advance.
gutted - the cut away
This clump was cut away from the middle of a perfectly lovely improv slab when I pushed a tad bit too far.  I had to laugh and keep its as a souvenir. 
SBAMQG Show and Tell Oct
When I headed out to our SBAMQG Guild meeting I wanted to show off the blocks before mailing them to Anne, especially since everybody misses her!  Flimsy blocks are hard to hold and get crumpled in transit so I tacked them to each side of a scrap of batting.
SBAMQG Show and Tell Oct
Of course if you didn't know that - you'd assume they were minis and probably wonder what I was doing making them different shapes without enough coverage.  This one especially could stand alone as a wall hanging or pillow.  It isn't likely that I'll replicate it - too many other projects on the horizon - but the idea will percolate and probably spark a sequel.
scrap pull

Linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday October edition.  Let's Be Social at Sew Fresh Quilts and Oh Scrap!


  1. *blissful sigh* I love seeing your improv blocks. So so good.

  2. I really love the blocks you made for Anne! That long skinny one I would easily hang in my house!

  3. It looks like you had fabulous fun with this! I must do more improv as every time I do I love it! I'm sure thoe blocks will be much appreciated.... Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  4. Great blocks! Looks like a lot of fun, and I enjoy reading about your process!

  5. I love the tall skinny one too. Great tip pinning them to a piece of batting. Thanks for sharing these lovely projects with Oh Scrap!

  6. There is order in disorder. I love your colour and the whole improv piecing

  7. These are looking great! Love the colors!

  8. Saw your pic on oh scrap. It really says Capitola to me. My hubby and I met at a beach party at Natural Bridges more than 50 years ago. I'm drawn more and more to improv now and your technique is similar. No pp for me. Your whole blog tells a lot about you and your excitement in creating.


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