Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 FAL Q3 - Glass Half Full

2016 Finish Along Q3 Goals included six items and these two shams (counted as one goal) was the final project to make the done list.  I'm super sad about the 3 that are rolling yet again to Q4 but trying to focus on the positive and not be a glass half empty kind of quilter. 

Finished Shams
I suppose they could have been considered two items but that seemed a bit like the person in the quick check line at the grocery store counting a case of beer as 24!

One Done
The block motif determined the width of the sham and the pillow determined the rest.  I purposely purchased extra deep fluffy ones to try and avoid having them baggy but it also meant the wrap meant loosing a bit of the design.  Boxing the corners to get rid of the "ears" was a genius suggestion by a guild mate at Sew Day.

Trying to wing it with the pleat on the back to create more of a 3-D shape rather than flat sort of backfired and there was a lot of easing in and additional pleats to the back to try and get them to fit.  Having to match up the stripes wasn't helpful either but after a good washing they actually were snug enough to pass the test.
My friend offered up her long arm for the massive quilt that these go with (my other FAL goal, titled Parental Guidance) so I used the opportunity to test out the quilting and thread.

Could've been a Quilt
Once I quilting them together as a unit, they really could have passed as a quilt.

Cut apart 
This photo with the afternoon light really shows things off and I like how the are "the same but different". 

Goal Mosaic - 3/6

2016 FAL Goal Mosaic 3 of 6 done
Glass Half Full:
Happy to check off three on the list:
1. Parental Guidance Quilt
2. Two Pillow Shams
3. Greek Plus Puss Quilt
Glass Half Emty:
Sad to have these Unfinished
King Clam
2015 Bee Sewcial  "Reflection" Quilt
2016 BeeSewcial "Let's Get Comfortable" aka "Jeans" Quilt

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  1. I got nowhere near as much as usual done. Your finishes are lovely!

  2. Really lovely! Thanks for joining in the FAL on behalf of the cohosts!


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