Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summer Dresses

I've been seeing all of the cute summer dresses being shared on IG and was inspired to try my hand at making one for my granddaughter.  She told me after a sleepover that she was going to get dressed and find something yellow "because that's Pap's favorite color on me". How cute is that!
When she proudly held up a single yellow striped sock and announced that she'd found something to wear,  (adorable, right?) After telling her what a great job she'd done, I offered to have her choose fabric from my sewing room and spent the day stitching things up. 
Notions at my house are a disorganized mess but I managed to find bias tape.  1/2" wide elastic however sent me to the store where I could not resist the little buttons too.   I'll have to make a headband because they didn't look right on the dress. She was thrilled to"help" every step of the way with a photo shoot finale in the front yard when we were done.

Armed with the confidence of the successful yellow dress and encouragement on IG, I spent the next day sewing a second, a modified Oliver & S Popover Sundress based on the free tutorial HERE 

My non-quilts sewing actually started with an impromptu pillow case.   There is something to be said for quick makes.  It does the sewing mojo good. 

 Hope your Summer is off to a fantastic start.  I'm really enjoying the long days with natural lighting for evening sewing time.

There's still a few hours left to link up your 2017 FAL Q3 Goals.


  1. Lookee! A garment! And a mighty pretty one too.

  2. Two dresses and a pillowcase! Lots of sewing in your part of the world. Beautiful fabrics and beautiful dresses for a beautiful little girl.

  3. very nice on the yellow dress. Your granddaughter is right..She looks lovely in yellow...When I first saw your header, I thought you had triplets...ha..


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