Thursday, February 1, 2018

MQG QCon Mini Swap - One Monthly Goal

Next Mini on Deck

QCon Mini Swap Sneak
I'm in the home stretch of the one for my MQG Swap partner.  Well, the top is pieced so that's a solid start.  She said she likes pink and had just participated in a Libs Elliott mini swap so I included those elements.  Mustard is of course my go to color.
Backing Chosen
Finding the perfect backing in my stash always brings a smile.  I'm going to bind it with the black bolts fabric.  No clue about the quilting design which is typical but it will probably focus on texture rather than contrasting thread.  My swap partner is coming all the way from Germany, how cool is that?  I'm excited about it being a direct swap since I've never done that before and know I'm going to love what she makes for me.

The palette feels familiar wouldn't you say?  A little bit like the mini from my last post I'd say.   I love how things spill out and overlap.  Creative connections are the best.

This one is on my FAL Q1 goal list and I'm kicking it up to top priority linking up with Elm Street Quilts for February "One Monthly Goal"  My OMG goal is to quilt, bind and label the mini.

Having the opportunity to meet and swap minis in person was a really fun part of participating last year.  Last year was the first time and now that the word is out, I'm wondering if more people are going to do it.  Here's a picture from MQG QuiltConEast 2017 in Savannah GA. 
MQG QConEast MiniSwap 2017
I blogged about making it in the POST but I don't think I shared the swapping smiles on the blog.

Three weeks from now I'll be in Pasadena at QuiltCon.   I've ordered a batch of buttons to hand out.  Not sure how much pin trading there will be but I decided that they are still fun to have just in case someone wants one or two!    

Although I'm excited and honored to have my Reflections quilt displayed in the Bee/Group category, it makes me a little nervous and insecure too.  It's amazing and I love it but there is still the element of being judged by viewers.  Not everything is for everybody and I get that.  Putting yourself out there is still worth the risk and I hope that I continue to feel that way.  PIQF and Road to California are shows that I haven't gathered enough courage to enter but plan to in 2018.

Happy Stitching,  Karen


  1. Mustard and bright pink! What a lovely combination. You should get this finished in time. Enjoy your visit to Quilt Con; I'm sure you'll get loads of brilliant ideas there!

  2. Yes, I'm loving your combination of mustard yellow with hot pink and black and white! Stunning. Good luck with your OMG and I hope you have a marvelous time at QuiltCon!

  3. Love where you're going with your mini! That plaid is a favorite pattern and palette! Anxious to see your quilt hanging - I have no doubt it will be well received!

  4. Beautiful mini, I love your color combo!

  5. Great mini. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  6. oooo so love the colors...and the block..good job

  7. Congratulations on getting a quilt in the show! Thanks for stopping by Quilts and dogs. I do really love your mustard and pink quilt. I might need to dig those colors out for my next quilt!


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