Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My lucky seven 2018 Q3 FAL Goals

I'm going to go for a lucky 7 and link up on 7/11 for good measure.  How about you?
The 2018 FAL Q3 Link Up can be found HERE

My Lucky Seven
Mosaic Left:
1. Improv Abstraction Log Cabin/Royal & Peach:  Current status is two complete 18" blocks.  I'll be teaching a workshop for our guild in August and would like to have as many samples as possible for attendees to see.
2. Collage from Freddy Moran's workshop: technically this one is the second of it's kind (see goal 6). The design is complete and it needs quilted and bound.
3. Psychedelic from Katie Petersen's workshop:  Rolling over from last quarter, the additional fabric arrived and sat. I need to make more blocks, commit to the setting to finish the top, quilt and bind.
Mosaic Center:
4.  Bits Play from Maria Shells workshop: another roll over with the status unchanged including the fact that I'm absolutely in love with it so far.  It doesn't happen often but I'm kind of intimidated by the next phase because I've become attached to it at this stage.  If the narrow dimension wasn't so awkward I'd be be tempted to call the layout done.
Mosaic Right:
5. Nosey Kitten from Jen Carlton Bailey's workshop: another roll over with the status unchanged.  The only addition is the added incentive to complete it before I take the same class again from her when she visits our guild in January.
6. Collage from Prepping for Freddy Moran's workshop: Yes read that correctly.  I had been in a funk and when I started cutting out the parts to bring to class the week before I literally could not stop.  It was fun bringing a completed top with me and having a picture taken together.
7. Improv Abstraction Log Cabin/Blooming:  Along the lines of goal one is to illustrate the versatility of the basic block and opportunity to play with layout.  Set on point with elongated stems and maybe a bud or two is my vision.

Well there you have it.  Seven from or for workshops!  I've purposely not included my BeeSewcial quilts because finishing them goes without saying and I seem to get things done that aren't on my list so I'm trying a  little reverse psychology on myself.

After the shut out last quarter, 0/9 I'm honestly not having a pity  party.  It's fine. Stuff got done.
Hope to see your goals linked up before it closes!


  1. haha. Yay for the reverse psychology. ;-) Hope you have a terrific quarter!

  2. Gah. So much AWESOMENESS. I just want to come over and pet them all in person.

  3. I love that everything on your list is workshop I am so into thos bright colors and solids. I hope that you are enjoying summer and making some progress on these. From all of us in the FAL gang, thank you for being a host and a participant. I look forward to see which of these are finished this fall!


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