Monday, July 23, 2018

SBAMQG Zipper Pouch Swap

Swapping in person is my favorite, especially when it's done on a large scale with a lot of participation.   I've joined in every single one of our local MQG chapter swaps including the most recent Zipper Pouch exchange.
Swap Given and Received 
Despite having had months to create the project I waited until the last minute to sew mine up just a couple of days before the meeting.  I'm choosing to see this fact as a sign of confidence rather than procrastination.  We need all the positive spin we can get these days, right?

SBAMQG Tote/Pouch Swap Group Photo
I snagged the picture above from the guild Instagram account - isn't it great?!  You can spot mine balanced on the hooks on the left and Tina's on the right.  It was fun to see the "same but different" creations with hers in the light background and arching upward the opposite of mine.
2014 Pin cushion Swap from partner Meridyth
My partner was my freind Meridyth which worked out well because I have a good grasp on her taste and she was once my secret parter for a pin cushion swap so it made things feel full circle. Flickr is pretty much obsolete but I do love it for making it easy to find this 4 year old picture of us!

Swap Given

zipper pouch Swap
What better time to pull out my precious stash and use a panel from Allison Glass. So instead I just used basic pouch construction principals that we had used for a similar one for Quilt Retreat Swag.
Fabric Pull
Because I wanted to feature it as much as possible I knew a custom cut would be necessary and using a pattern that didn't take into account the proportions didn't make sense.   Fussy cutting the pink  to center the dots was fun.
On the Design Wall
 For the bottom portion I used Kraftex for both durability and looks since the Indigo is such a pretty color and would support the cooler end of the spectrum.
True up, Trim up
Have I mentioned how much I love my big Creative Grid ruler?   It's not a coincidence that often the width of my blocks and projects happen to be this size.   Originally the zipper was to be high contrast to add a pop but I decided it distracted from the pink dot strips that I was so fond of.  A quick trip to the LQS was worth the pause and luckily they had the perfect match.

It truly has two "fronts" but looking through my photos it's undeniable that I am drawn to the warm side.  Fusible interfacing gave it a nice structure and I like the way the lining isn't loose inside. 
Embroidery floss color pull
My granddaughter enjoyed pulling the Embroidery floss colors that she thought would look best for the zipper pull and liked watching me do the braiding.  One day soon, I'd like to have the two of us play around with this type of crafting.
Despite the last minute finish, I was able to stop by the beach for a proper photo shoot before the guild meeting and the weather cooperated nicely.

Glamour Shot 

Normally in a bind swap your partner isn't revealed until the exchange but mine knew she wasn't going to be able to attend for the exchange and let me know ahead that I'd be getting my pouch the following month.  It worked out great.

Swap Received 

Open Out Box Pouch made by Jessica
The card that accompanied my pouch was the inspiration palette that Jessica used.  It was such a special touch to get an insight in the making and I love artist Tom Killion's work.  

With an image that depicts the coast, I knew just where I wanted to stage the photo shoot to show off what I had been gifted.   She did an amazing job.  The pattern is Open-Out Box Pouch by Aneela Hoey and is the perfect size and shape for sewing supplies.  


  1. Gorgeous pouches. I love the pink on the one you made, it is great when we find s project for the special fabric we have stashed which really shows off the design. The swap you received is very pretty, I love the way it matches the card. x

  2. Beautiful pouches! I love how the one you received was inspired by the artwork. Nice!


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