Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019 FAL Q1 Goals

Stick around if you want to hear about what I've got on MY list - or head to the previous post HERE to link up your own GOALS. Remember that you only need to do it once on any of the hosts blogs and if you need a refresher or are new to the FAL, be sure to check out the information tab for 2019 Finish a Long.   

My 2019 FAL Q1 Goals

 1. Improv Abstraction Log Cabin   2. UFO Mini  3.  MQG Mini Swap  4.  QuiltCon Workshop   5. Improv Abstraction Large Multi-Color  6. Layer Cake friendly Experiment  7. Freddy Moran Workshop top One 8.  Wedges 9. MM challenge mini

 10. Improv Abstraction Log Cabin Mini  11. BOM mashup 12. Freddy Moran Workshop top TWO  13.  MQG QOM Merge top Red 14. BeeSewcial 2018 blocks Connections 15. MQG QOM Merge top Tan/blue 16. Nosey Kittens 17. BeeSewcial 2017 blocks Eyes 18. Maria Shell workshop top. 

19. Lastly, I'm including Composition in Color from Maria Shell's workshop from 2015.  The photo below was before the big stitch that I started in the workshop with Tara Faughnan's class.  Our guild introduced a Sit and Stitch social that I'm hoping to be able to attend and this will be the perfect portable project. 

So what do you think?  The list is double my usual and I'm the months ahead are super busy but I will be attending a retreat in March so I may just check some off.  

Rolling Over New Years Goals
I'm also going to take this reflective opportunity to post a rerun of my 2018 New Years goals as they all still apply to 2019. 

1. Organize:  My stash is in desperate need of attention.  After retreats and workshops the piles just collect and it's hard to tell what I have and where to find it.  
2019 Update:  Plans and progress has been made to move into a designated sewing room and out of the "temporarily" corner of the living room

2. Purge:  This one is tough for me but I know I'll feel better keeping the most likely to use stuff and finding a good home for the rest.  This is especially true for notions. 
2019 Update:  no big change in this plan. 

3.  Pause:  "Admire, Don't Acquire" is a phrase that I read somewhere (sorry I can't remember to give credit) No point in thinning my stash if I continue to collect more without restraint.  I'm not going on a full fledged fabric diet but I'd like to be less impulsive. 
2019 Update:  Sorting my stash helps with this because I find things that I've forgotten about.  Solid yardage on sale is my only justified purchases.

4.  Teach:  I had the opportunity in 2017 (and 2018)  to teach a workshop and loved the experience.  It was a lot of work to prepare for but a worthwhile process and very rewarding. 
2019 Update:  I've been invited to present a trunk show and talk about my quilting journey. 

5.  Pace:  I'd like to create without the extreme highs and lows.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy diving in and being so engrossed in a project that everything else disappears.  Maybe just fewer marathon sessions and last minute makes would be an improvement.  
2019 Update: Still working on this.

6. Blog Briefs:  The number of posts this last year is pretty thin and thankfully being a 2017 (and 2018)  Finish-A-Long host has kept me going.  I'm going to try to share on the blog more often even if the posts are brief. 
2019 Update: I think that as long as I do my best to not neglect the blog I'm not going to stress if they aren't regularly posted but more when I'm in the mood. 

7.  Blog Header: I'm emotionally attached to the header I've had for so long but it's getting outdated so I'd like to make a new one. 
2019 Update:  This shouldn't be so hard.  I've mocked up a few but nothing felt right.  I'll probably crowd source options to force myself into a change. 

Hope the New Year is off to a happy and healthy start. 
Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow, I love all your improv quilts. Good luck with this list, I look forward to seeing some of them finished.

  2. Wish you luck finishing up a few things this quarter. So much loveliness to choose from!

  3. Your projects always make me swoony. I'm excited to take a class with Maria Shell over the summer. I wish I could take a class with you (either as a student or with you teaching). Love your goals! Miss you.

  4. Hi Karen: Your goals and your wips look great to me. I have a tendency to start more than I finish. I only buy fabric for new starts. (Is that why I have so many starts?) HaHa! Thanks for being such a great host. Hope to some day meet you since I am in San Jose!


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