Saturday, January 5, 2019

Stretch - a BeeSewcial quilt finish 2018 FAL Q4 Goal

This one is a HUGE finish for me and I could not be more thrilled with the completed quilt.

If you're looking for the LINKY PARTY, it is open HERE!

The original post from February 2016 outlining the BeeSewcial prompt can be found HERE including inspiration photos.   Stretching my creative and social limits as well as pushing how to construct the blocks for this bee is partly the motivation for choosing the theme.  The other is simply the attraction to the visual elements that are evoked by the word Stretch. The palette is all about my love of wearing jeans.

A few design phrases that were given include "flexible, pliable, organic, in motion, layered and intertwined".  The makers all put their own personal touch into their contribution and created incredible blocks that could stand alone.   It was my task to join them cohesively and retain their individual awesomeness the best that I could which I took very seriously.
Finished STRETCH 56"x78"
Machine Pieced blocks by: BeeSewcial members Karen Foster (me), Stephanie Ruyle, Leanne Chahley, Hillary Goodwin, Kari Vojtechovsky, Debbie Jeske, Anne Sullivan, Marci Debetaz, Felicity Ronaghan, M-R Charbonneau, Sylvia Sutters  and Machine Quilted by Sharyl Sheppard
Detailed Quilting by my sister Sharyl
I am very honored to announce that "Stretch" was chosen to be exhibited in the Bee/Group category at QuiltCon in Nashville Tennessee, February 2019 and that I'll be able to attend.  Our bee mate Anne Sullivan is one of the three judges so the quilt won't be eligible for a ribbon but the opportunity to have it seen and enjoyed by so many is reward enough. 

Artsy Redwoods Photo - of course!
My local guild mates had the chance to see it in progress on more than one occasion.  I've been dragging the blocks to Retreat ever since receiving them in 2016 - rearranging and contemplating until finally in October of 2018 they were sewn together as a completed top!
All Stretched out at Retreat 
A finish or in this case top finish is bragging rights at retreat and you can see I'm all stretched out with a smile stretching ear to ear for this one.
Squaring Up 
After the quilting was done and I got it safely delivered by mail (nerve wracking), I used multiple rulers to square up the quilt before face binding.   It was pretty amazing how little distortion there was considering the intricate quilting done.

A Look Back

Several of the blocks were hand delivered at QuiltCon February 2016 and the remaining arrived by mail shortly after.   They sat in an intimidating pile for so long.  Part of the delay was because I wanted to sew the quilts in order which meant that I'd need to complete the 2015 theme Reflections first. When that quilt was completed in 2017 I no longer had an excuse to move forward!

Blocks Received 2016
Inspiration Mosaic
"Formal" Jeans theme family portrait 
There were some lines and curves that just fell into place next to another block and others that were more challenging to place.  The orientation of the blocks changed from this early version to one that emphasize a more vertical vibe.
An early layout version mini-retreat 2017
March 2018 retreat
Because the retreats that I attend twice a year have fewer people arriving on the Thursday night option, I usually take advantage of the open space and hog the table as I did here.
2016 Finish Along Goal
 I suppose I should find it a little amusing that Stretch has rolled over, and over and over on my FAL goal list since 2016 but when I look at the mosaic above I choose to focus on the fact that every other UFO shown are also complete.

It may take me longer than other makers and that's okay - to each their own pace.  I get to check off two from my 2018 FAL Q4 Goals (originally blogged) and link up Stretch along with Lone star.  LINKY PARTY is open HERE!
2018 FAL Q4 Goal mosaic

I don't even want to know how many hours I spend fiddling with the bridging options or just how many times I ripped out and started over.  It really doesn't matter since that is just part of the process that ultimately I love.  With that said - it's also a step that I'm hoping to streamline so that I can get tot the final results without quite as much mental gymnastics.

Also, bragging with a link up to Beauties Pageant 15 with Bolt to Beauty.
Happy Stitching, Karen


  1. OH Karen! It is so good to see and hear about STRETCH and to know it is finished and will hang at QuiltCon! I'm so excited to see it in person. CONGRATULATIONS on a really wonderful finish!

  2. It looks so fabulous! Your process seems to work for you just fine.
    And i didn't even remember to sign up for FAL Q4 so youre way ahead of me

  3. Its gorgeouhs and those pics of the Big Reds...I miss CA everyday

  4. Soooo amazing. I'm always floored by what your group comes up with.

  5. Hi Karen! What a fabulous finish for the finally Friday. WOW! What a great job you did, and what a labor of love. To see where you started in that pile of blocks to this majestic piece is amazing. You should be hugely proud of yourself! {{Hugs}} Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I just adore this quilt and all the improv prompts you do. My little bee loves seeing all your group does. Just fantastic!

  7. The quilt is amazing! I am sure it will get lots of Ahhs and Ohhs at Quilt Con, even if it can't win a ribbon. I can truely see how difficult it must be to connect such immprovisational blocks. You did a terrific job! My frist ever bee blocks - also from 2016 - are still waiting to become a quilt. Thanks for the motivation :) xo

  8. This is all sorts of gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it next month in Nashville. I suspect that these photos will pale in comparison to seeing this beauty up close and personal!


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