Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Pantone Quilt Challenge - "Capitola Coral"

 Pantone Quilt Challenge 2019

"Capitola Coral" 52"x52" 
This is my entry to the Just-The-Top U.S. category with hosts Sarah of No Hats in the House and Rebecca of Bryan House Quilts.

"Capitola Coral" measures 52"x52"  and is an original design grounded in tradition with a modern twist.  My latest obsession is a style that I refer to as Cohesive Scrappy.   A dozen different fabrics from my stash were used and one was purchased from my LQS specifically for the project.

Color of the Year 2019 Pantone Living Coral
When the Pantone Color of the Year was announced I knew immediately that I was going to enter the challenge.  Living Coral is an in-between color, orange-pink-peach-ish.   It's a color that is a bit off of the norm is not as readily available but that is all the more reason I'm attracted to them.
Mother's Day bouquet 
Mother's Day weekend was spent sun up to sun down creating a good portion of the quilt top.  One of my sons came by with a bouquet of flowers.  An advantage to sewing in the living room is that the design wall made for the perfect photo backdrop.

Final Fabric
I really auditioned and narrowed things down to get a balance that would be unique and unexpected individually but read the way I wanted them to as a whole. The photo above was taken after the top was done and does not include the Pixies square dots or Jen Kingswell (printed to look life 3-in-1) in the stack because I used every last inch of the fabric. 
Auditioning Fabric and Placement
I like to share process pictures mostly because I enjoy seeing them on other maker's posts but also as a mental note of what I might want to explore another time.  There are so many good variations that would have been just as successful.   The audition above shows another background that was already in my stash and I'd forgotten about until after I purchased the one that I used.  It would have been fine!
Future Design Ideas
The hole in the center would be a great place to feature a large scale print, place a pieced unit or leave as a solid area for a minimal-ish vibe and FMQing opportunity.  I am itching to begin another similar project to explore further and to work in a series as I've been doing lately.  If only there were more hours in the day!  

Be sure to check out the Linky Party and all of the entries.  If you're on Instagram #pantonequiltchallenge .

Happy Stitching, Karen 


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