Friday, August 26, 2022

Appliqué - the invisible way

I’m wrapping up my 20th quilt finish of the year with a few feet of binding and a proper photoshoot to go but couldn’t wait to share all about (finally) using the spool of monofilament that came in my Aurifil artisan welcome package. 

The tumbler quilt started out a simple repetitive one block shape design. Well that didn’t last long with my attention span and love of changing things up. What better opportunity to give a new technique and thread a try as part of Aurifilartisan appliqué August challenge. 

Because I added the Dresden portion, I ended up with enough extra tumblers to insert a strip on the back.  The soft soothing palette called for a brighter bolder backing and the blocks tie it all together . 

You'll have to look closely to see the see through stitching but it's there.  I was a little nervous that monofilament might feel weird because it's not at all like cotton or wool but it sewed with ease and my Babylock didn't blink an eye.  

In previous Dresden projects I’ve inset-pieced the curves by machine with 50wt. I’ve also used 80wt for hand stitching them which is also pretty invisible because the thread sinks down into the fabric fibers hiding beautifully. 

This mid-make decision to include the Dresden shape in the center of the quilt creates a much more engaging composition. I didn’t concern myself with having the size match exactly, a slight jog fools the eye. I did however spend a fair amount of effort to position them so the center half circles were aligned. Hubby said they reminded him of the jumbo magnets that we played with as kids and I'd have to agree.

Even with three different “background “ greens, the overall color felt a bit dominant so I framed it with a fussy cut leafy edge to help the yellows pop. 

With the use of a tripod and delay timer on my iPhone and most importantly the help of a friend, we were able to get the picture below showing the entire quilt.  

Binding with a stripe at any chance I get is a given.  Inspiration is everywhere - even on my front porch. 

I hope you’re taking time to enjoy the flowers in bloom and also gives Aurifil monofilament a try. Be sure to check out my last few posts revealing many other recent finishes. 

Additional Aurifil threads used:
Piecing 2600 50wt cone
Quilting 5020 50wt cone 
Bobbin 6723 50wt large spool
Hand stitch binding 2437 40wt large spool 

76”x88” completed August 2022
Babylock Symphony 
Handiquilter Avante 
Hobbs 80/20


  1. What a perfect opportunity to use the monofilament, Karen. I'm so intrigued by your addition of the Dresden shapes - such a fun overall design it give the quilt.

  2. Hey there. I’d love a monofilament that worked this well. The invisible stitching looks fantastic.


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