Sunday, September 25, 2022

Nosy Kitten and Glamp = 2 UFO finishes

I took my two latest finishes,  Nosy Kitten and Glamp on a beach photoshoot.  Both are oldies but goodies and had stalled at the flimsy stage and it’s so satisfying to have them completed.  I'm preparing for a trunk show and they will be the perfect addition. 

Nosy Kitten 43"x 50" finish 22 in 2022

Scrappy color grouping of drunkards path blocks set on point was my take on Jen Carlton Bailey’s Secondary Design workshop in Pasadena QuiltCon 2018.   Mixing prints with solids and prepping parts without the endgame in sight isn’t for the faint of heart. 

2018 QuiltCon Workshop Progress

I set myself parameters to bring out the best in the combination of blocks rather than creating them in reaction to what was on the design wall.  Usually I reserve a final few to fill in as necessary and wanted the extra challenge.

Light Lilac Aurifil 50wt 

Jen was so smart to have us bring the blocks already sewn since it was a design class and time was limited.  My vision came together  and I found a bold background at home in my stash.  Having a composition that isn’t exactly uniform but is suggestive enough to read as intentional and interesting was my goal.

Dropcloth Sampler Needle Book from Debbie

Check out the gorgeous needle book gifted from my friend and fellow BeeSewcial mate and Aurifilartisan Debbie Jeske, A Quilter's Table- she's the best and so is her newsletter The Scrap Basket with 116 issued and counting!   

Aurifil 40wt Dark Turquoise was used to handstitch the binding down and would have worked fabulously for quilting but with the negative space, I wanted a higher contrast. 

Amy Butler and Heather Bailey backing

Backing and binding choices can almost as satisfying as all of those decisions making the top come to life.   I posted in my Instagram story I called the quilt Kitty Smiles from memory and then found in my old blog post that it was actually Nosy Kitten.  

Meet Glamp from Glamp Stitchalot

Glamp 41"x56" finish 21 in 2022

My sister and I attended Glamp Stitchalot in November 2015 in Ann Arbor MI. It was the first of many Quilty adventures together and we met so many wonderful people (blogged about HERE)

Fabric Pull that I brought with me

Six rock star instructors Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Sarah Fielke, Violet Craft, Jeni Baker and Katy Jones each designed a block for the Mystery Medallion and we chose our fabrics and layout.  

Major FanGirling

As you may have noticed, I use striped binding a lot.  It's good to keep in mind the scale that will show once sewn onto the quilt.  Even though the colors were bold and not necessarily matching, the tiny sliver fools the eye.  I took this photo below as an illustration to compare with the beach photo above. 

Both are quilted with Light Lilac Aurifil 50 wt even though their palette is quite different.   Here are a few more outtakes from the photoshoot just for fun.  The sky was a beautiful blue and the beach a picturesque backdrop but my stand was no match for the ocean breeze.  Good thing sand and a spray of saltwater didn't hurt a thing.


  1. Yay for the two new finishes. I was intrigued to hear they were both quilting with the same light lilac thread! Oh and thanks for the shout-out. Glad you are enjoying the needle-book!

    1. It is so interesting to see the way the same color thread turns out looking differently depending on the quilt. With all my finishes, the needle book is a perfectly timed gift

  2. You've had so many beautiful finishes this year! Seeing them makes me almost, but not quite, wish I used a longarmer or longarm machine. Quilting is definitely faster that way. But I must remind myself that I don't need to rush through quiltmaking and finishes because I don't need more quilts! Ha! Your Nosy Kitten quilt is way cool, and it was good to know your design thought process because not all of us (especially me) think or work that way. You have such a great knack for it. Your on-location photo shoots are the best! Who wouldn't love to have a beach close at hand for taking such gorgeous pictures. You've done a great job all around. Yay you!

    1. Thanks Linda. You keep doing your magic on the domestic! Having use of a long arm has been a game changer for me and I do recognize that it's a luxury. We did get a few wide eyed stares and comments about getting sand on the quilt - but just like varied design processes, not everyone shares the same philosophy about the use of quilts - to me, they can have different functions.


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