Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy with Bee Blocks

NuBees May Hive #5
This weekend has been productive. After finishing a quilt it always feels good to do something small and attainable so I started off with my May Bee Blocks.
Just Passing Through - Rainbow
Just Passing Through - Blue and White
I sat out of NuBees for a few months trying to catch up on projects and am glad to participate again.  The hive is smaller than usual with 4 to make.

Just Passing Through - Orange/Aqu
A perfect excuse to finally work out of my new book Modern Blocks. Narrowing it down to just one out of 99 wasn't easy so I went with my gut and chose the one that caught my eye the most: Just Passing Through designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.
Just Passing Through - Gold/Orange
Which is your favorite?

Clearing Out the Cobwebs

These blocks in Aqua/Red/Pink with Black & White for Lee of Friends+Fabric=A Modern Swap Bee were a lot of fun - and what a mess!  Those scappy designs really get me going, I had a blast digging around my buckets, cutting, trimming and deciding what goes where.

We used  Heather's tutorial  for the Spiderweb found on the blog with my favorite quilting playlist... Even though I had made some a year ago in the  Scrapbuster Swap , it took a bit to clear out the cobwebs and remember what I had learned - like how to create a 1/4" so the star tips don't get cut off and how to make the center joints line up. I can't wait to see them all together with the secondary pattern.

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  1. Very fun bee blocks! Good for you!

  2. Great bee blocks! I haven't seen that first design before - very clever!

    Your spiderweb blocks turned out very well too!

  3. The rainbow block is my favorite. I can't get enough of Amy Butler so I love it in your block.

  4. I really have a soft spot for spiderwebs - they rock. And I love the just looking through block - new to me and really effective.

  5. I love the rainbow block too, did you use different fabrics for the stripes, or just flipped the originals to the back side? It's a really interesting look and to me an original idea :) I've never seen it before. The spiderweb blocks look awesome! Love the red and teal together! :)

    1. The light strips are different fabric - I found a sunflower for the yellow and a pink floral for the red - using the back side would've been too easy! What a brilliant idea.

  6. I haven't made the Just Passing Through Blocks yet, but yours' look great! :)

  7. I'm so excited you have a blog? How did I miss that?...I love seeing what you do over on Flickr and now I can follow your blog!! Yea!

  8. Love the spiderweb blocks. I still need to do mine for the Craftsy BOM. I just need to find the time :) They look really fun.

  9. I'm torn between the blue and white JPT block and the rainbow. So I guess they are both my favorite! You did a great job with the fabric selection to attain the effect required by the block.

  10. Beautiful "transparency" blocks - I love them!

  11. I like the orange and blue one best, but I think that's partially because my college colors were orange and blue. I do really like the design!

  12. Gonna say again how I do love those Just Passing Through blocks (which I have not seen before these, so thanks for introducing me to them)! As for my favorite - I think it's a toss up between the rainbow and the orange/gold one... I like the combo of print with print.

    And just an aside, I have to admit I have to mute my computer when I am on Heather's blog! It usually doesn't mesh well with the music I already have playing on my stereo or iTunes!

  13. What beautiful blocks and wow, the fabric is great.

    A favorite? Wow, that's hard as all of them are so amazing. Blue and white says choose me. ;)

    Thanks for sharing them.

  14. Okay, these blocks are amazing. The pattern is really cool, and then you picked the best fabrics for them. How in the world can I pick a fav??? Love them all.

  15. Love these blocks!! Thanks for linking up to Slash the Stash!

  16. Thank you for posting about the Just passing through block! You gave me inspiration and I'm grateful! After seeing your post, I created a version of the block of my own (in metric measurements) and have just finished a quilt based on those blocks. In case you want to see, I blogged about it here:


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