Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

First of all... safe journey to all of those lucky ducks headed to QuiltCon.  I really want to pack myself in a check on and join you but no, not this time.  I'm hoping to see pictures of the Charity Quilts hanging and am excited to have been a part of that.

Thanks to the deadline of our local PVQA quilt show, I've got lots on the finished list today.  The To Do list is still quite large with 48 hours until the "by" date of three but it all seems more manageable than it was last week.  

I also had the wonderful opportunity to play a bit on FMQ on a couple of small pieced for a friend.  Her quilts are amazing and she gave me a nice long low-pressure creative leash about what to do.  I'm pleased with the results.
Hoping to make another photo shoot outing for the official reveal of Luminosity and Sisterly Love. In the meantime, here are some bits and pieces along with Miss Deb's bee blocks:

Finished: 5
Sleeves on 3 of 4 quilts for the Show
Sisterly Love 
FMQ two smaller quilts 
Blocks for MoStash 

Progress: 0

To Do: 7 
MQG Ribbon (by 2/22)
Donation Basket for Show (by 2/22)
Sleeve on final quilt for the Show (by 2/22)
Blocks for F+F2 February (2) 
Pantone Challenge (by 3/8)
Swap for After Sewing Summit (by 3/11-3/27)
Secret Tote Swap MQG (by 3/5)
21st B'day quilt (by 3/13)

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  1. Ohh I love the quilting on the purple and orange quilt! Great job! I am hoping to come over to the quilt show on Saturday! Probably me and a kid or two, I'm not sure my husband is interested in going. LOL

  2. Your quilting is amazing. I love the triangle style quilting on the brown piece. Really nice work.

  3. Hey Karen, Nice quilting! Thanks for the preview! I hope to meet you at the fair, I will be working set-up all morning tomorrow. cheers, Claire W.


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