Sunday, February 24, 2013

our Local Show and QuiltCon envy

OK, OK, I admit it.... I wanna be there right now!  My head is spinning from browsing the #quiltcon instagram pictures (the ghetto way - on statigram since I have a "dumb phone") and seeing all the people that I virtually know and admire.  The quilts, booths, lectures and classes not to mention the unofficial festivities - I can pull off the 80's look, honest.... oh yes, I'm green with envy -neon green.

Fortunately, several of the blogs I follow have been taking time out to post so I could sneak a peak like A Quilting Jewel and Mommy's Nap Time and upload to flickr like Anne@PlayCrafts.

I'm SO EXCITED for our MQG president, my friend Tina for winning Judge's Choice for "Adrift" in the Use of Negative Space category.   She is amazingly talented (obviously) and I'm thrilled that she was recognized by those in the know.  Christa Quilts has a series of posts showing the quilt winners.

No need for me to pout at home. I'm having an exciting weekend helping out with our local PVQA quilt guild show. It's the 35th annual and this group knows how to get it done!  We donated a basket for the raffle that has proven to be quite popular. You may recall I made an Echino Tote which is easier to see in person than this photo.

Friday was busy with set up in the day and the pre-view party in the evening. This year that included the judging the SBAMQG Modern Improv in Solids challenge.  There were 7 entries, all terrific and I've heard from several participants that they enjoyed the process of making their quilt.

The Ribbon I made is not as fancy as the ones Elizabeth Hartman created for QuiltCon. We used a jumbo sized button and photo fabric keeping it minimalistic.  The concept of fitting our square logo onto a round shape had baffled me in the design process, but I'm pretty please with the result.   I'll be revealing a picture of the winning quilt on our blog soon.

I also surprised my sister at the show with a quilt which I can now officially rename "Luminosity for Linda".  Previously posted bout it here and here. She loved it.
Me & My Sister at PVQA show "Luminosity for Linda"
Before this reveal, she had spotted my quilt named "Sisterly Love" (pictured below) that I made for our other sister (also a surprise). In my most snarky tone I teased her "That's not for you"..."but if you'd like to see the one that is, follow me".
"Sisterly Love"
EDIT: Linking up to FAL Q1 with Leanne of She Can Quilt as one of the 6 of 7 qualifying projects done.  1) No Inherent Sense of Direction 2) Tassels 3)Driving in Circles 4) Luminosity 5) Sisterly Love 6)QuiltCon Charity. Original Goal post here.
2013 FAL Q1 Goal Mosaic 
More to share from the show - but I've got to dash off and enjoy it some more before it's time for heavy labor to break it down this evening.  Photos of the SBAMQG Modern Quilt entries found here.

I usually write a specific post for WIP Wednesday but the guideline does say to link to one from the week so that's what I'll do.  Congratulations to Lee at Freshly Pieced for taking 1st prize with her Lifesaver's quilt.

With the local quilt show and all of the browsing online about QuiltCon there hasn't been much progress on my WIP list since last week and I'm sure I'm not alone.
Stack of Quilts from the Show
The tote swap is a secret so I can't share pictures of my progress so I will leave you with some fabric eye candy - organic cotton is so yummy.
a new project in my future - love Birch
Finished: 3
MQG Ribbon  
SBAMQG Donation Basket for Show 
Sleeve on final quilt for the Show  

Progress: 2
Secret Tote Swap MQG (by 3/5)
New Fabric (always)

To Do: 4 
Blocks for F+F2 February (2) 
Pantone Challenge (by 3/8)
Swap for After Sewing Summit (by 3/11-3/27)
21st B'day quilt (by 3/13)


  1. I understand the green-ness for sure! Sounds like great fun at the quilt show though! Very fun sister quilts!

  2. Hi Karen, I realise now looking at the picture of you with your sister we walked by each other several times. Based on your corner picture I was looking for some sans glasses. Shows how observant I am! Anywho,
    It was a great show and I really enjoyed seeing your quilts in person. Pictures just do not do them justice! I need to get myself to a meeting now and then so's I can see both people and quilts in person. lol,
    cheers, Claire W.

  3. Your sisters are super lucky to get those quilts.

  4. Wow, busy, busy times, Sisterly Love is great, and such fun at the show, lucky you! :)


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