Friday, May 10, 2013

Above and Beyond

I mentioned in this post about the lofty goal for our MQG's first ever Charity drive , 31 Quilts in 31 Days and showed you my progress here. I knew that I had dropped everything, put life on hold and pushed to pull off making from start to finish 4 quilts to donate but it wasn't until our meeting on Tuesday that I realized just how many others had done the same.  Not only did we collect 31 finished quilts for the children battling cancer, we ended up with 5 extra to auction at Saturday's benefit gala.
There was a lot of business to get to (including our future guild meeting location's move to Hart's Fabric) but before the meeting started we went out into the parking lot for the group shot above taken by Anne and then I snapped individual ones during show and tell.
Above are my 4 and below a few that others made. You can see them all on flickr.  
 There's actually one more that I collaborated on with Tina shown below. We raided her amazing stash, I cut, she sewed, I FMQ'd and bound it...  working together is so rewarding.   I'll call it another finish for the me this week. You can also read these touching blog posts from members Adrianne , Anne and Mariah.
Finally got around to making the Boston blocks and I'm really pleased to send them, especially my second one an on-point original design with a super fun center.
 I wish I could call my sewing room redo a finish abut no it's still a WIP. The shelves were full so now I'm creating other spaces for storage while trying not to clutter. The space above the shelf holds quite a bit by using the canvas shoe each horizontally.
I have slaved away at sorting scraps into colors. When I bragged to my husband about the progress he said "you moved fabric from big tubs to little tubs", ugh. Maybe he's just tired of our bed being taken over by the task, I know I am.

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  1. Beautiful stash!
    Great job on the charity quilts! They are all beautiful!

  2. Congrats on all the quilt finishes!! And that stash... so pretty & organized! Mine is in need of some TLC.

  3. how awesome!! what a wonderful goal and 5 extra - woo hoo!!

  4. Very very cool group effort!

  5. What fun to see so many quilts all together in one place. They are lovely and you and your group are doing a great work. I love your organized fabric shelves!

  6. Such lovely finishes and such a great project! Your fabric shelves are amazing.


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