Friday, May 31, 2013

Finish it Up Friday and not-so-scrappy advise

Since my last post it feels like I didn't get to quilt at all - but maybe that's just comparing to the pace of our recent Charity drive and the UFO Retreat.  Last Friday our MQG had a Sew Day and I was able to FMQ my "fairies"quilt using a shape inspired by the outer border. 
I also worked on the MoStash Bee octagonal orb block for Julie aka: Happy Vanilla Bean who blogs at JoieMaxtin. Hoping that it was delivered on schedule so that the calendar still said "May".  
Happy to say that I got to have a bit of a play date with my SIL and sewed the round table cloth for my son's place using the Joel Dewbery they really like. To go with it, I made coordinating linen napkins.
 The anticipation of our first grandchild is pretty exciting. Pondering baby girl quilts and handmades for nursery is super fun and has my head spinning with ideas.  Here's the baby wrap fabric I've decided on - similar to the Moby Wrap you can buy. Thank goodness for blog tutorials, I was able to find out how to make one with just a couple of clicks.

We have a cradle in our family that my boys used as well as my SIL's girls and soon our granddaughter will.  I love the classic style and took over a stack of fabric ideas for a new bedding set and this is what we came up with.
When I saw this palette by Adrianne aka Little Bluebell just after my pull I thought it was so similar that it must be fate - She always has great taste so I must be on the right track and made my own.
created at PlayCrafts
 The Art Gallery feather fabric will be the fussy cut bumper and the ombre the quilt (maybe a two-color bow tie).  I'm using restraint to keep from going scrappy busy.  I pulled the bicycle fabric to mix in and/or make a sheet to give a more juvenile look but am not sure - what do you think? I'd love your not-so-scrappy advise.

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  1. How exciting to anticipate a granddaughter!!
    I love the color palette: fresh and subtly feminine, not too girly or cutesy.
    The bicycles would be great fun to mix in with the gorgeous ombres! I agree, they would make the quilt more playful, and they'd add some sparkle. As far as sheets go, you know they'll need more than one, so there's lots of opportunity to play with fave fabrics!
    How sweet to be using the family cradle! I'll bet that makes your heart glad!

  2. love your quilting and of course the orb block is delightful!
    Table cloth and napkins are fabulous.
    Yes to the bicycle, kind of like a secondary primary since the solids are, well...solids. Congrats on your upcoming grandchild.

  3. Karen, surely you cannot be old enough to be becoming a grandma! I'm slightly in shock ;) Love those ombre fabrics, they will look beautiful!

  4. oh cool about your grandbaby-to-be! Love the palette you chose for the cradle. Exciting times!!

  5. Yay a baby!!! Congrats! I love the fabrics too. I really want to make that orb block, I should just do it already.


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