Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Goals and Old Photos

Indulge me for a moment while I flashback to the early '90s (can you tell from the size of my glasses!)  Here I am 20 years ago with my youngest son posing next to my new "baby", my Pfaff Hobbymatic and the sewing desk that hubby built for me.  I find it amusing that my entire stash fit inside.
Linky time for my August ALoF choice Tire Rotation.  Hopefully the back will be a direct route without the detours I ran into with the front, which of course is how it got the name.
I'll use the rest of the Ride fabric and bind in the mid-night, other than that, it's all up for grabs.
The top is already done, it's just Backing, Quilting, Binding...I can do this!
The Weeks Ringle workshop was amazing and I just love the scale of quilt pattern Full Tilt.  It reminds me of one massive Broken Herringbone - did you see that Molli Sparkles announced a QAL??

Rarely do I buy kits because choosing fabrics to me is half the fun.  In the end I plan to mix and match from stash and use the fabric for various projects so that makes it OK.
I am so impressed by the contents of Modern Quilts Unlimited, it's about so much more that just the patterns.  I wish this particular pint of Passport came in every color of the rainbow. I'm not able to upload more pictures so I'll edit this post when things cooperate better.
One more old photo of my other son and hubby (sporting quite the '80s stache) so that I can embarrass them all equally. My mom made the blanket they are laying on and I've always loved the waffle pattern.  This g'ma to-be might just need to bust out the crochet hook and re-start an old hobby.


  1. Those old pics are so fun! Makes me want to pull out pics of my own kids when they were babies. Good luck with your finishes!


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