Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Year-In-Review and 200th Post

2013 Finished Quilts by capitolaquilter
Last year my finished quilt tally was 13 and this year I wound up with 23.  Six that I kept, 8 were gifted and 9 donated.   2014 felt very full and when I sat down to do my recap mosaics it hit me why that was.  

If I had to pick a favorite or two I'd say xPlus and Ring Around the Briar Rosie but Tassels is in there too.
Procrastinating comes naturally for me and then today I finally decided that I would take the same approach to my Year-in-Review post as I do to my quilting: finished is better than perfect.  So I'm sure I left a few things out but hopefully critical.   I found that making items that are not quilts now and then is good for me!
A few new categories that I hope to expand on in years to come.  Collaborative quilting is so rewarding and I would like to do more.  The Free motion quilting of our MQG QuiltCon quilt was challenging and worth every nervous stitch. 
A couple of tunics and a baby dress doesn't seem like a big deal but for me getting over the garment hurdle was huge.
The birth of my baby grand girl and becoming a Grammy for the very first time was the tip top highlight.   She is such a joy and I've found that my blogging has become more personal since her arrival.  I joined the modern age of social media with my first smart phone, mostly so we could do selfies!

The MQGs Retreat and Charity drive were quite memorable as was rubbing elbows once again with Heather Ross (I'm going to her workshop in Palm Springs this month - aren't you jealous!).  Redoing my sewing space completely and boarding my fabric had a big impact although it remains work in progress. 
Ending the year without an enormous pile of new UFOs makes me very happy.  

Here's my Resolution List of Sorts:

Create more improv quilts & projects
Use more solids
Make more garments
Learn and do Needlework
Practice Hand quilting – embellishment or small items
Continue to create fewer new UFOs
Take my finished Quilts on a Real Photo Shoot 
Take on an attainable number of projects each quarter and link up to FAL
Link up at least once a month to WIP Wed and Finish it Up Friday - because they're fun!
Start and finish the 3 tardy birthday quilts 
Start and finish the 2 upcoming wedding quilts
Decide what social media I enjoy most and become or stay active 
Play games on my new iphone less – yeah right
Categorize my photos throughout the year so I don't have to hunt around writing a recap
Last but not least and probably should be first…Sew with frequent breaks, stretching and better posture

I'm linking up to Year-in-Review , have you?
Year In Review

One last mosaic is coming next post but this time it's for looking ahead and not behind.  Katy has taken the baton for 2014 FAL from Leanne (thank you) and it's goal setting time...

Finish Along 2014

Thanks for visiting my 200th blog post - 


  1. Wow... you've had a busy year- so many finished projects! Congrats again on your new grand-baby :)

  2. Phew! I just ordered a posture-enhancing foam cushion. Let's see if it helps!

  3. Goodness me you HAVE had a busy year! Congratulations on your new grandchild ... looks like you have lots of sewing ahead :)

  4. Yeah, you've been busy alright! lol
    And I'm TOTALLY jealous about you going to Palm Springs. Mostly because you know what your schedule is. ;)
    Was so awesome hanging with you last night!!

  5. Wow!! It looks like you had an amazing year! Your xplus quilt looks incredible! Your resolutions list was fun to look at, I have a lot of similar ones! :)


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