Friday, January 10, 2014

Finishes and Goals

I’ve got a few finishes that are a little different for me.  I find collaborative projects so rewarding and inspiring.  It’s easier to get excited when working together don’t you think?

 Sun Bonnet Sue - The Baker / Pie Maker

A tradition on my niece’s husbands side of the family is to make a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt for members who are expecting a baby.  His aunt mailed out kits with the instructions, pre-marked interfacing and background fabric. Because it was a secret, I didn’t get to share the one that I made – until now.

Personalizing it with fabric choice and a theme was fun. For her baby shower I made a moby-style wrap out of Briar Rose.

I fussy cut a knitting bee for the bonnet (she crochets, close enough) She is also an amazing baker of pies.  For her wedding registry she got Fiestaware so I included that detail. 

My machine and hand appliqué skills are almost non-existent but I did better than expected and even made a woven crust. 

TWO MORE This Weekend

I had the opportunity to sew two more this weekend for my two sons to contribute.  They came up with their own theme and pawed through my stash of fabrics to find each and every part.  I decided to hand stitch appliqué this time.

Sun Bonnet Sue - The Beach at Sunset

This one represents a barefoot Sue at the beach during sunset with an ocean dress and sky bonnet rather than literal images sewn on the background.    

The trim was left over from the scrappy kitchen basket I made for her Bridal shower.  Note all the Fiestaware colors!

I had them give me several options for “props” in case the execution didn’t translate.   I was chicken of the beach ball so first I tried a sand bucket but the shovel looked more like a wine goblet – humorous but inappropriate for a baby.

Sun Bonnet Sue -The Artist / Painter

This one is an artist/painter with the easel the most challenging component to make.  I was thrilled to use the vintage daisy trim from the thrift store.

I made the front legs clubby on purpose to mimic the cartoonish style of Sue and yes, I did have walnut wood fabric in my stash. 

I’m happy to report that the baby the quilt is being created for made her grand entrance to the world this last week and everyone is doing wonderfully.

 Echino UFO clutch ALYoF Goal

8"x9" Metal Frame Clutch
Also finished this week is my January 2014 ALYoF goal.  Our MQG is putting together a donation raffle basket and last year a sewed an Echino QAYG tote so this time I am putting in this clutch.

I don’t know why it sat an entire year as a UFO – my friend and I got together and completed our projects in one afternoon.

She made hers with AMH velveteen I had given her as a gift and turned out so pretty.  I forgot to take a finished photo but you can see a sneak at the fussy heart front.

 2014 FAL Q1 Goals

Now for the Goals part of the post….My 2014 FAL Q1 mosaic and list.  This was HARD - mostly because my “want to” and “need to” projects are not in alignment. 
  1. Tile Quilt Block - hand stitch down the petals and make a pillow 
  2. Pantone Challenge – Radiant Orchid
  3. Get Your Curve On from Workshop
  4. Improv from Workshop
Tile Quilt Block Goal #1
Radiant Orchid Purplish Fabrics Goal #2
Get Your Curve On Goal #3
Improv Goal #4

OK I’m going to stop there because one of my New Years Resolutions on the Year-In-Review post was to include an attainable number of items in my link ups.  I am including three that are from Workshops because I'm trying to follow through with what I'm learning so I can justify continuing to sign up for more (like the one tomorrow). 

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  1. Beautiful Sue Bonnets Karen....what a fabulous idea!! Love your purses too! Did you find it difficult to put the metal snap opener on with glue??

    1. Thanks - the glue wasn't too bad, you should give it a try!

  2. Awww how adorable are the Sue Bonnets!

  3. Every time I see those sun bonnet sues I love them more. :D The artist one is just so amazing!! Love it!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you get those quilt tops completed! :D

  4. what a fun and varied post. All sorts of goodies - love that your sons 'made up' their own Sues!

  5. Those Sunbonnet Sue blocks are just as cute at they can be! Love how they are so personalized!

  6. What a fun post, I liked reading the stories behind each project! The Sunbonnet Sues are the cutest I've ever seen, and your clutch purses are fabulous!

  7. I do hate it when my 'wanties' and 'needies' don't match up! Loving Artistic Sue's painting there :oD

    Good luck!

  8. I love that the boys contributed blocks too! So sweet!

    You are too fast finishing your January ALYOF goal already! I also struggled setting "need to" and "want to" goals :)

  9. I love your Sue blocks! So cute!

  10. I am in love with that Echino clutch. It's adorable!

  11. I have always loved Sunbonnet Sue! I actually have pieces that my Grandma cut out that she never sewed. She died several years ago so I am just holding on to them. I should just sew them! And great goals! I definitely miss being able to sew with other people or take classes.

  12. Although all of your Sunbonnet Sue's are great,I just Love the last one! Congratulations on finishing your goal for this month.

  13. I love your Sun Bonnet Sues and am going to pin them for inspiration! What a great family tradition! Your coin purses are adorable!

  14. stopping by from A Lovely Year of Finishes.

  15. You get so much done! I love Sun Bonnet Sue!

  16. Your finishes are beautiful! The Sunbonnet Sue blocks are so cute.

  17. Your little bag is darling and I love your Sunbonnet Sue. They are always one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!


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