Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3rd Times the Charm or 3rd Strike?

This project could go either way but regardless, it's going somewhere.

After ditching #1 the Labyrinth pattern and then abandoning #2 Japanese Jigsaw, I have committed to yet again another attempt at making my nephew a birthday quilt. May I present #3 Houndstooth.
Houndstooth Progress
The lighting in my sewing room is atrocious so here's a shot in natural lighting.  My inspiration came from this table runner I received from Anne@Play-Crafts which I just love.  I've jumbo sized the blocks to keep them somewhat to scale.
My Three Fabric Choices
He wanted greens in batik and an Escher influence.  The actual layout is yet to be determined and I'm pretty sure I just have to toss in a few light cream ones for a pop.  Restricting myself to 3 fabrics is torture.
Guy Quilt Fabric pull
The three guy quilts that are all tardy have been a creative black cloud hovering and I'm starting off the New Year tackling them face on.  Here's a scrappy stack I put together because I had to play with lots and lots of choices to offset the limited 3 I am working with.
Little Bits from theWorkshop
On Saturday I took a workshop called Best Machine Techniques with Cathie Hoover.  It was nice to simply learn how to do a number of things rather than expect to walk away with "something" or more accurately, "something to finish".

The biscuit block kind of cracked me up and I'll have to research the history of it.  Before having a baby grand girl I wouldn't have thought making prairie points and sewing on rick rack would ever be a part of my quilting arsenal but texture and cutesy has it's place for little ones.

The reverse appliqué is slightly different than I'd tried and I'm excited about that.

Speaking of appliqué, I also made great progress on my needle turn project from a previous workshop.  I've decided to turn it into a pillow for a birthday gift so now it has a purpose and a deadline.
Various Stages of Progress
Linty Backside 
I took a picture of the backside to show what happens when you roll the block onto a piece of bamboo batting to store it.  Next time I'll use flannel or maybe warm and natural instead and one of these times I'll bother to learn to hide my knots but for now i don't really care.

Happy Quilting, 

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  1. Making a quilt with just 3 fabrics would be really hard for me too! I love the look of your needle turn project.

  2. Eeesh look at those tiny stitches!! I love that tile block so much. I'm going to have to make one of those. :)
    In other news, that houndstooth quilt!! I'm loving it! And YEsssss to working with so few fabrics, it's a killer. But it looks wonderful. :)

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