Friday, September 26, 2014

a Finish and a Top

Finally a Finish

They feel few and far between but today I've got one!
My coworker's retirement party is on Tuesday night so I'm please to have the quilt done and ready to give to her.  I've got enough IOU gifts haunting me - ugh! Nothing personal -really - just not enough time in the day.
One of my more recent tools purchases was this lovely 16.5" and the dark/light cutting mat.   Both came in very handy for squaring up.  Getting to the point of trimming was not the journey I'd planned for. 

The FMQ was suppose to be a quick stipple. Torture I tell you.   I now think the culprit was a wrong-type needle, replaced by a recycled correct-type-but-bad needle followed finally by a wonderfully correct and new needle - there was nothing simple or quick about it.

Glam Clam Top 

Near final layout   I was worried about finding space in my house to layout the final parts and was fortunate to use the big design wall at intrepid thread - thank you Julie !  
Since the entire quilt was from stash and the remaining cut clams lacked the color variation I needed, there was a bit of fabric shopping that took place while I was there :)  Now I have the beginnings of a mostly mustard-yellow perpetual glam clam quilt.  

I brought the top with me to breakfast at the yacht harbor thinking that it would be fun to photograph.  We couldn't find a ledge or bench to stand on and then the wind picked up just enough to shrink-wrap my good humored helpers.  Happy to have this shot. 

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  1. Your coworker will be delighted! Congratulations on your finish. Your clam shell is also lovely and what a good idea to go to the harbor (other than the wind)!

  2. Woohoo! I wish I'd brought the "real" camera along, your quilts deserve more than cell phone pics, although it sure is easier. :) I love the retirement quilt you made, what a beautiful design! And of course the GLAM CLAM. Seriously amazing.

  3. Lovely gifty quilt! And your glam clam - wow it's lovely. Are you saying you have the beginnings of another one, or did I misunderstand your comment?

  4. Both of these quilts are stunning. I want to make some clams too, maybe cutting some can be part of my scrap busting project.

  5. Congratulations on the finish - it looks great and I hope your co-worker loves her retirement gift! And how cool that you got to use the design wall at the intrepid thread. Awesome!

  6. That clamshell is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  7. Karen I love the quilt you made for your co-worker's retirement! Such a graphic design. I marvel at clamshell quilts...I don't think I could pull one off. Yours is looking so pretty :o)

  8. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs in quilting but you ended up with a final gorgeous quilt, Karen! Thanks for linking toTGIFF Linky Party!

  9. They both look fantastic! I especially love the clam quilt, very lovely!

  10. This clam quilt is amazing!!


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