Saturday, September 13, 2014

GlamClam workshop

Glamming it Up late into the Night

12" clams half way to a King
The SBAMQG workshop last night was so much fun with Latifah.  Seeing all of the fabric and layout choices was great.  I was tempted to tone it down because I do love the look of the samples she brought that include a lot of solids and really feature the print pops but in the end the "everything including the kitchen sink" scrappy was most authentic for me.
Latifah and I - such an honor to meet her!

Here's me and my progress spreading out and taking over the entire table.  Linking up to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced and Let's Bee Social.
Keeping it all straight took a few misses on my part, mixing up which arch to sew the next clam into.  I finally discovered that if I placed the next one on the bed of my machine before cutting the thread to disconnect the one I just finished, there was little chance of accidentally grabbing the wrong on to sew it to. 
Demo and tips at the beginning of the workshop to get us all on the right track.  We're so lucky to have such a wonderful space in the Solaris room to create and learn in with friends.
This one really appeals to me and I just might have to create something similar with the perpetual clams that I'm sure to have.  So Much Fun!!!

Quilting Demo

On Wednesday afternoon i got to go to the fair and demo with a few of the ladies in my PVQA small quilt group The Fabric Hounds. We made great progress (and a huge mess) both doing piecing and appliqué of puppies which the kids especially liked. 
My safety radar is fine tuned from spending time with my baby grand girl. It came in handy because working with sharp pointy things in public requires extra caution.
These gals are so much fun!
I'm hoping that doing a demo and going to the County Fair becomes an annual event.  When I was a kid I had my 4-H sewing on display and then chaperoned when my boys were in Elementary school but haven't been since.  

Look who's one 

 The seahorse I picked up from the Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop was a big hit.
Lots of Excitement as the clock strikes her "birth-time"
After the fair I went with my family to a yummy dinner at Choclate downtown and for Penny Icecream after. 
Baked Pasta Rosettes 
Today is her beach party to celebrate with friends and family and it's a beautiful day! Hope you're having a fun and full weekend too.


  1. Lovely! That looks like a great workshop and sewing space. Also, the first photo totally does not do justice to just how large your work is! Wow! :)

  2. Fun times lately, huh? Love your glamclam - and you made such great progress!

  3. Holy smokes. What gorgeous giant clamshells

  4. The clam shells look great and I like the scrappy brights of your top! It looks like a lot of fun to layout and plan! Yum yum Penny creamer and congrates to your whole family. Your grand daughter is adorable! cheers, cw

  5. My, that Glam Clam quilt is impressive - and the size of it. Not to mention the size of the table underneath it, of which I am very jealous. Funnily enough I have been thinking of a similar clam design done in FMQ so was intrigued to see this. With all those bright prints, how will you quilt it?

  6. I had recently been considering doing clamshells so it was fun to see your quilt and post! :)

  7. Wow, those clams really are big! They look amazing, I'd love to try this pattern! What fun to have Latifah to teach you!

  8. The workshop sounds like a lot of fun! I love how this is going! Linda

  9. My first visit to your blog and had fun reading your post. GREAT scallop quilt!

  10. Awesome Glam Clam quilt! I just finished one and am contemplating another.

  11. Those clams are just stunning!! What a beauty!!

  12. Wow the Glam Clam quilt is so impressive looking - so much work but it's really worth it!

  13. Oh, how I love your giant clams! Pinning it to my "Quilts I want to make" board.
    Lots of good things happening in your life!


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