Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stratas and a Star

Where I was Headed....

Playing on the Workshop Design Wall 
When I have time (chuckle) I'm definitely going to get back to the direction this layout was headed.  During the workshop with Mary Tabar yesterday, she encouraged us to find our own design.  She brought loads of beautiful quilts as well as sample sheets, most of which were symmetrical.  I was feeling asymmetrical.  

The possibilities were a bit overwhelming because their are so many to choose just one.   Shortly before pack up,  I came to the realization that for my current situation, I needed to land on a layout that (for the most part) joined pieced edges to the lengthwise strip or solid triangle rather than the slower process of a chevron or matched stratas.

So many bias cut pieced seems
Thanks to the invasion of the bee fabric and a helping hand of a workshop mate , a star was born. I kept going when I got home. My co-worker is retiring in a couple of weeks and I thought this class was perfect timing to create a traditional quilt using old and new fabric as part of the Purge .  She likes flower, to garden and has traditional taste.

...Where I Ended UP

Late Night Pic: The black has tiny reddish dots 
With my "no inherent sense of direction" issue, on-point tricks me a bit but I was drawn there and wanted it to be challenging enough to hold my interest.

Twas the night before..

Bunting does double duty 
The class instructions asked that we do some prep ahead of time to allow us to jump right into design when we arrived.  I'd chosen my fabrics but had left the cutting, strip piecing and pressing until - well, the night before :).  Thank goodness for IG and the encouragement of #fridaynightsewalong.

More Remain than were Used
The stack of leftover parts is enough for another (or maybe two) quilts in my future.  Wish I could play with the ideas bouncing around in my head but I'm just going to be pleased that I came away from the weekend well on my way to finishing a quilt for my co-worker's retirement gift.  Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 


  1. It sounds like a fun workshop and the quilt is a wonderful gift.

  2. I love seeing the in progress photos and how an idea can shift and morph as you work on it. Your friend is going to get a beautiful retirement gift!

  3. Love the constrained playfulness! And what a special gift.

  4. Looks like it was a fun class! The star is nice but as you said there's something about the asymetrical set in the top pic that I really like! The colors are great too! cheers,cw

  5. Well, where you ended up is lovely! Changing direction is all part of the process I guess! L


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