Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day and December 2014 aLYOF Goal

Fresh Sewing Day - How is it December?

IG mini Swap
Turns out that taking a picture of a mini by yourself is more difficult than I thought.  I'm constantly challenged with getting a decent photo of my larger quilts that require two sets of hands but at least those drape well.
A quick stop at the beach for fabulous natural lighting paid off.  The seagulls were missing the tourists and one in particular was quite the poser.  Fortunately, nobody pooped :) Following the IG feed has been fun now that packages are arriving - fingers crossed! 
That's me on the right
Although two finished quilts for the month felt like a huge accomplishment, it also meant that not a lot else got done.  There was sewing involved in the crafting of my clever slippers for the SBA MQG PJ Party and slipper contest so I'm including them.  And yes, those are Munki Munki's with adorable Heather Ross fabric I've got on.
Redwood Grove Wedding Quilt
I just shared the finish and gifting of this one last post so I'll include a different photo and them looking down at the quilt - such an adorable couple. 

aLYOF December Goal

Now for what's on my plate for December (pun intended).  I'm sticking with items from my Q4 2014 FAL goals to double dip so I'm serving up Veggies and linking up at aLYOF with Melissa and Shanna.  I'm planning on making a gift. Linking up to WIP Wednesday and Let's Bee Social.

Speaking of the Finish Along - did you hear it's headed to New Zealand with Adrianne for 2015?  I started way, way back in the beginning here in the USA with Rhonda 2012, kept up pretty good with Leanne 2013 when it jumped over to neighboring Canada,  and have tried really hard to hold on with Katy in the UK this year.  No matter if I link up every quarter or get all my goals met, I still like to visit other participants to see their progress and send a big huge thank you to the hosts of FAL past, present and future. 

Here's hoping for some Holiday Handmade.


  1. The mini looks great, and how wonderful the gulls played nicely. The one really did a proper job of posing, too!

  2. I do enjoy the eye candy your share, such beautiful projects. The slippers are great, and how smart to never misplace your seam ripper, hehe.

  3. I love your Redwood Grove wedding quilt - what a fantastic gift. And your other projects are looking good too!

  4. I love the mini, so cute, and those shoes are precious!!!

  5. Oh I like your mini and the wedding quilt as well! Beautiful makes!


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