Saturday, May 23, 2015

Loominous - slow Progress

I thought I would keep the FMQ simple and let the design and fabric speak more than the quilting and then I sat down at the machine and this happened, ha ha.  In over my head - loving and hating this particular stage.  It's certainly not the first time I've been here or likely the last and yes I will survive.
Freshly basted tops are so rewarding and calming - before the shoving and crumpling begins.  
The selection of Anna Maria Horner's yarn dyed woven fabric line Loominous at my LQS Harts Fabric is vast- I struggled with which to choose and came home with these six although I ended up pulling out the triangles cut out of Traffic (next to last in the stack) because the cream stripe was too dominant and distracting.  
There's 27 in the collection and their weave and hand are varied not mention the scrappiness of the palette.  Traffic and Big Love being the super softest of the bunch and Illuminated Graph the sparkliest.
Mixing metallic with yarn dye wouldn't have occurred to me.  Leave it to AMH to blend old and new, traditional and modern so beautifully.  Stripes and plaids presented design challenges that I expected and I has happiest including some fussy cuts.
Laying out rows on my bed was an eye full with the X-Plus underneath don't you think? I also love this backlit shot with a hint of my neighbor's cars and houses shining through. 
As I mentioned in this WIP post, the pattern was generated by me and the computer using Play-Crafts tool "Equal".  I had to deviate from the original color placement when I axed the one fabric so it's not as true to the design as it would've been (however my head would have exploded had I not had it for reference, thank you Anne!).
Sewing entirely on bias wasn't too unruly and I used a generous quarter seam.  There is some fray compared to the more typical quilt cotton but nothing unmanageable. 
I opted to use the spool of 40wt Aurifil in middle for the entire thing with a neutral 50 wt in the bobbin but had fun auditioning thread anyway.  Procrastinating the actual start of FMQ could have been a factor. 
Botany from my stash won out for the backing with an added strip of Fig Tree.  I liked the striped feel and circular shapes. The orange is a tad more peach but plays well enough.  
For binding I'm leaning towards a lavender solid.  Now I just need to get through the rest of the quilting so that I can actually bind it and be done!  Since I didn't finish as hoped for Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival link up I'll save it for the Fall and I'm linking up to Stash #127 with Molli Sparkels and WIP Wednesday with Lee.

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  1. This is a lovely piece--the colors are scrumptious! Hugs, Julierose

  2. I am really smitten with these fabrics, the whole line. Your quilt is beautiful and I am loving the quilting too.

  3. It is so pretty! A lovely choice to showcase the fabrics -- well done!

  4. These are beautiful fabrics and I just adore this quilt - so striking.

  5. This is lovely...Beautiful and well worth working on.

  6. Love the colors and the design. And the quilting! I am going to have to check out the fabric line. They are really beautiful.

  7. This is one of the first quilts I've seen using Loominous and you have absolutely hit it out of the ballpark. It is stunning! Really beautiful. Not being one of great creativity myself, I wondered what people would do with this beautiful fabríc. If you're any indication, I guess they'll make beautiful things. I would love your pattern in many fabrics because it is a striking, and creative pattern. Your pattern with this fabríc is a complete WOW!


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