Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dig Deep - Luna Lounge

Dig Deep - Luna Lounge 
Dig Deep
As I mentioned in my previous post, I chose to use the soon to be released fabric line Luna Lounge in neutrals by Carol Van Zandt for my SBAMQG workshop with Pam Rocco a couple of weeks ago and arrived with the top sewn.  The pattern is Stacked Bricks, one of her Fibonacci series patterns for Quilter's Newsletter and free online.
Luna Lounge
Playing Nicely 
There was a wonderful trunk show and great advise - I treasure those bits of insight to design and quilting that Pam shared, including making a plan and deviating from it and to "get queasy".

Most of the time I focused on the backing and predominately used a FQ stack of Pop rox in the choco color way, an earlier fabric line of Carol's.   They played so well together and I especially love Gyros in black, so good!

The Backside
I tend towards bold, bright in your face kind of color but I really love the natural earthiness of this fabric.  The name "Dig Deep" came about because the quilt reminded me of the soft light sand on top and how it gets darker the lower you get.  As a kid building sandcastles it was so rewarding to hit water and see the almost black dense texture after scooping away the easy stuff.

The gradiant blue streaks running down the front are the same concept representing the color change of the ocean from waters edge to deep sea.
Stair step variation of the Classic Porch Shot 
The binding change up from Tapioca to Sandstone at the design break is subtle but effective and easier to see in this close up.  Not everyone enjoys the binding step but I do.  especially with Andover's Textured Solids because it hand-stitches like butter and is nice and soft for the edge.  Because the weave is looser than the other quilt cotton, I did use my pinking blade rotary when I cut my strips.  
Ta Da It's Done
Finished size: 40"x50"
Fabrics: Carol Van Zandt's Luna Lounge, Pop Rox, and Textured Solids by Andover
Winline bamboo batting, Aurifil 50 weight for piecing and quilting. 
Pattern: Pam Rocco's Stacked Bricks 
Started April 18th, completed May 1, 2015 


  1. That turned out fantastic, Karen! Love the gradation of both the blue and they neutrals. :D

  2. I really love the color gradation as the quilt progresses; even in the blues! This turned out beautifully.

  3. Your photography composition is amazing!

  4. Wow, Karen, you've been sewing up a storm! They all look great! I like the name of your quilt! I definetly has the feeling of strata. The in-progress of your neices quilt looks fantastic. love that print! cheers, cw

  5. What a beautiful quilt. I also love the binding step. You are lucky to have such gorgeous settings to take your final photos. :)

  6. it's a beautiful quilt. I love the use of neutrals with the exception of those strips of blue.


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