Friday, January 20, 2017

To Do - Part Two

Technically there isn't a To Do - Part One.   If you know me or have followed my blog for a time, you're probably not too surprised.  Posting a rhyming title is worth the confusion later (priorities, right?)  After all a title like "unofficial things I want to remember to do but forgot to include on my list" isn't all that catchy.

Before we get to that, I'd like to announce the Fabric Giveaway winner from this Sweet Rebellion post.  Congratulations Kathy E, I'll email you for info on where to mail your goodies. 

In all of the excitement of being a 2017 FAL Host and making my own Q1 list, I neglected to include on that post the unofficial other things to track and get done.  I like having them all in one place for reference but a supplemental post works too.

Design Challenge Mini
Most of my list hasn't even been blogged about.   I'm still getting back into a routine of posting here and hope to elaborate soon but until then, you can peak on my Instagram feed and catch a glimpse of most.

Comma Block by Pam Rocco 
  1. January "Resolution" BeeSewcial block for Stephanie - by end of month  Here is a link to Stephanie's post
  2. Hang sleeves, label and mail QDAD "Bend, Don't Break", "Break" and Quilt of the Month "Note to Self"- asap  My first time to have quilts at QuiltCon so I want to be sure they actually make it there!!!   
  3. Prep for the Open Wide workshop Feb 5
  4. "Get a Grip" Face bind, hang sleeve and label SBAMQG design challenge quilt for local show- bring to Feb 7th meeting
  5. Handmade to wear at QuiltCon - considering a Grainline Tee, Renfrew or Linden sweatshirt
  6. SBAMQG bi-monthly block Comma - bring to March 7th meeting
  7. Mend the Cinderella dress and mermaid doll- asap, because who can say no to little M. 

Non-Quilty Adventures 

tiny tea cup set - thrift store find
Despite the looming deadlines and goals, I've been in kind of a sewing slump.  Thanks to the boost of my friend Sue who I can always count on to keep me creative and express beyond fabric, I haven't been completely void of creativity. 

We spent last Friday and again last night painting our projects at Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge.  It's our old stomping ground and the gap since we last played there is much too great.  I'm finishing up two unfired bowls that I "misplaced" and then discovered as well as starting a new plate. 
The colors above give you a hint about what that might look like and it is going to be based on something quilty but I want to surprise you (after I see if my vision translates).

The bottom of the footed bowl includes the date I painted this bowl for hubby.  Way too long ago.   At the time I was having fun with typography something that sneaks its way into my artwork when I'm not looking.   Even when my attempts are epic fails like the 95010 zip code tile that reads as 25% instead, I am still proud of it and the greater concept.
2008/2009 Seawall Community Project Tile
There is a quilt design lurking where lettering is featured - maybe I need to officially add that to the list to make it happen but I'll wait because it's already feeling a tad bit overwhelming.

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  1. I was interested to see your to-do list. It looks doable! And you want to sew something to wear at QuiltCon? Me too! Do you think we'll need sweatshirts?! I was planning on short-sleeved tops. Or is that wishful thinking? Your pottery looks really neat, and is something I haven't done. However, I totally empathize about your sewing slump. Me too. Can't decide if it's due to having a houseguest for a month (coming from Australia for QuiltCon) so not wanting to start something new that I won't have time to finish, or because I've taken up the ukulele! Crazy, I know, but I've fallen hard for it and want to practice all the time, though my left-hand string-fingertips are sore and numb! It's good to see the variety of things you like. Makes us happy, right?


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