Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bee Sewcial February: EYE(S), Hindsight/Foresight

As queen bee, I tossed around many ideas.  Deciding is hard but in the end, the EYES have it. 

In school I loved art class but was never a fan of portraits, except for drawing the eyes. So Much Fun. Browsing through my recent designs for quilts I see that I am still attracted to the same elements. I've included a mosaic of a few. For those makers who would like to channel a deeper meaning while they create and keeping with the theme of how things are viewed or seen, the subtitle is Hindsight/Foresight, another perspective, person, place or time.
Workshop Block

This piece above that I made in 2015 during a workshop with Maria Shell definitely resembles an eye.  Other traditional blocks like Dresdens and New York Beauty might be a jumping off point for inspiration with an added twist.
UFO Workshop blocks
2012 Quilt Along

I would like you to make pieced blocks (rectangle or square, one or two depending on size) that remind you of an eye, two eyes or a bunch. Improv, abstract, literal - I'm leaving your interpretation wide open but am also happy to elaborate if you need more direction. Feel free to expand to include eye lashes, depict closed eyelids, bags under your eyes, bloodshot eyes - whatever you are most inspired by.

All shades of blue and green with an emphasis of clear and bright colors. Accents of black and white if you like.

There are countless expressions for example "seeing eye to eye" "more than meets the eye" "eye of the beholder" "look me in the eye" so if you have one you'd like to share when you post your block(s) that might be fun too (totally optional). 

Everyone is invited to play along with the February 2017 BeeSewcial challenge on Instagram and use #inspiredbybeesewcial Can’t wait to SEE what you do!  Be sure to check out my bee mates #beesewcial @marci_girl @spontaneousthreads @playcrafts @felicityquilts @shecanquilt @quiltmatters @entropyalwayswins @aquilterstable @astrangerview

School Picture
Ironically,  I was somewhat self couscous about my "bug eyes" growing up and hated this school picture of myself because of the bags when I smile.  You guessed it, now looking back I think it's adorable.   When I take my granddaughter strolling, strangers passing will often compliment her eyes.  The one on the right was taken last week with a juice mustache :)


  1. looking forward to everyone's take on 'eyes', your Granddaughter's eyes are stunning!

  2. This was a fun month theme Karen. I hope to blog about your blocks tomorrow.


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