Tuesday, April 3, 2018

BFF B'Day Gifts - Kid Collaboration

Collaboration Quilt 42"x42" gifted
Well we really stepped it up a notch this time!  My granddaughter has a genuine interest in quilting and we have dabbled in projects together before.  This was the first time that she actually got to sew using my machine and I let her lead completely rather than guided when it came to designing as well.

She was going to her good friends birthday party and I asked if she wanted to make a doll as a gift.  I knew it would be quick and simple with the pre-printed fabric I had in my stash.  Usually I do the machine sewing and she does the other tasks but now that she's 4 1/2 we decided it was time to graduate to an advanced level in the process.
Serious Business
I'm lucky that she pays way more attention to where I store my notions and knew exactly where to find the stuffing.   It turned out really cute and would have been a perfectly thoughtful present BUT she wanted the doll to have a quilt.  So - I pulled out a bag of UFO parts that I had started during a QAL.  We found a center that she liked and the precuts to go with it. 
Finished Doll Quilt
It was fun to listen to her explain why she was choosing the strips, because her friend likes cats, birds, and to paint (the blue looks brush strokes).  My favorite is the binding ocean waves fabric to represent their time at the beach together. 
Designing together
With a finished doll and doll quilt we could have stopped there, BUT she wanted a quilt for her friend so we kept going!  Not only did she choose the fabrics but thanks to the roller I discovered another step that she could master and take pride in.
Did I mention the party was the very next day?  Yup.  We worked side by side the entire time.   Her enthusiasm and endurance never faltered.  Proof of that can be seen in this next picture where she literally had to hug the quilt when we found the butterfly fabric to add for a border.

Hugs and Happiness
FMQing the mini
I'm a little out of practice FMQing on my home machine now that I have use of my friends long arm but I knew I could handle the mini.
FMQing the big quilt
I used my new Juki 2200QVP for the first time for the bigger quilt and it was a dream.  I love a no-fuss machine. 

New Machine March 2018
At the party she was excited to have her friend open the present and it was adorable to watch. 
Gifting - A special handmade 
The backing needed pieced which was perfect since the aqua fabric was the first FQ she had pulled from the stash to use.   She was able to gift the large quilt during a play date the next week because it wasn't done in time for the party.

Backing, binding 
I like this shot of all the parts in relation to one another.  I didn't get a good photo of it all together but the memory of the marathon day of creating will not be forgotten by either of us.  


  1. Yay for sewing days with family!

  2. oh my gosh. I loved every moment of your post, Karen. Really really precious!

  3. Wow! What's that saying about the apple not falling far from the tree? And I love the photo of her watching the friends' expression!


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