Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Britches and #quiltvsquilter on IG

If you're on Instagram you may have seen the posts for #quiltvsquilter where makers share a mosaic of their recent work and/or describe their style and include a photo of themselves.  Putting a face to a name is always something I enjoy and discovering new people to follow a bonus.

One maker you won't find on IG and other than a hashtag #pamrocco created to help credit and find her work is my guild mate and mentor Pam.  She generously offered a mini-workshop demo at our last Sew Day and did a demo and trunk show of her Britches Quilts.
The local thrift store does a 50% off everything on Thursdays so I made a quick trip just before and was thrilled (and surprised) to find a full palette including the floral.
Pam Rocco
Finding 98% or 100% cotton made for leaving behind some great colors in the pants that were poly or too stretchy.  Shorts and also kid pants came in great shades but didn't provide enough yardage. The idea of a quilt being durable because it's already been worn interests me.
Pam Rocco's Britches Quilts
I love the way the fading of fabric creates a natural ombre effect and the "restrictions" of size is a nice limitation.  Originally I brought a block design that required a square but quickly realized legs are more rectangle friendly!

Excited to get back at my start from class but other deadlines loom and I'm also having shoulder surgery next week which will no doubt put a damper on production!

Happy Stitching .

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