Monday, May 6, 2019

2019 BeeSewcial - Triptych Jewels February Prompt

As queen bee for February 2019, this is what I wrote as a guideline for my be mates to help them create a "Triptych Jewels“ block for me:

Blocks Received (not final layout)

"When choosing my prompt, I kept coming back to the concept of stages: Past-Present-Future, Birth-Life-Death, Before-During-After. I’m curious to see your interpretation of this idea with three segments that differ – they do not need to be equal portions and can transition subtly or abruptly with changes in design elements like scale, shape, value and color for example. .

Size: ONE Block equal to the usual size 12.5x24.5 The actual dimension is makers’ choice (long and thin, square, whatever fits with your composition) Puzzling together has become an enjoyable step in the process for me so don’t feel constrained and do not trim down. "

Prompt Logo

Palette: Think emerald, topaz, sapphire and amethyst etc. Use three or more colors in as many shades as you like. Bright and happy. Think less primary than my previous “Freeform Connection 2018 “ and less pastel than “Reflections 2015”.

Makers Tagged on IG

from Wikipedia “Despite its connection to an art format, the term is sometimes used more generally to connote anything with three parts, particularly if they are integrated into a single unit” 

The definition seems appropriate with a nod to collaboration - the individuals each have their own story and it will be interesting to put the chapters together.  I want to share a little more about what each maker referring to the tagged image above:

Stephanie (spontaneousthreads)  Fabric Pull/Sewing together/Finished composition. She felt the prompt reminded her of the quilt process:
Leanne (shecanquilt) : Seed/Leave-Stems/Flowers She included tourmaline for the palette with garnet, citrine and sapphire.
Felicity (felicityquilts): Triangle/Square/Circle shapes of A B C.  Her jewels are amethyst, emerald and ruby.
Debbie (aquilterstable): Water in three forms Solid (ice)/Liquid (an ocean wave)/Gas (steam). Her focus was amethyst, sapphire and emerald with a hint of topaz
M-R (quiltmatters): An emphasis on getting different facets in the jewels to pop. Amethyst, sapphire and aquamarine.
Ken (thekingslacker): "The Birth of Enlightenment" in jewel tones
Marci (marcigirl): "The evolution of Improv" HST and a homage to our BeeSewcial roots
Silvia (astrangerview): Lion/Witch/Wardrobe Narnia, Citrine eye, nose and mane, Aquamarine ice castle or crown, Ruby door slightly open and drawers at the bottom.  She also chose the theme for the spiritual representation.

So much meaning in the blocks and I love them all.  
Happy Stitching, Karen 

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  1. This is going to be so stunning! Love the jeweled-tones.


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