Tuesday, July 9, 2019

EYE have three FAL Q2 Finishes

Saving the best finish for last, "Eyes" a BeeSewcial collaborative bee quilt was custom quilted by my sister and I brought it on the plane on the flight to visit her in Montana last month.  There was to be a layover of about 3 hours which made for the perfect excuse to hand stitch the binding down.  

The sleeve was stitched on leisurely with my sister's adorable dog as my sewing side kick. 

When it was completed, I knew that there would be photo opportunities and was not disappointed. I'll write a post about the EPIC first ever BeeSewcial Retreat but for now you just get a glimpse at the venue, the Grizzly Mountain Cabin at sunset.

This picture was at sunrise.  I woke to the most gentle morning light and popped up out of bed, grabbed the quilt and tossed it on the deck in the backyard.  

My favorite picture above captures the majestic mood pretty well- draped on the side fence with only the birds to keep me company - my phone timestamped it at 4:49am but it must have read the wrong timezone, it was actually 5:49am.

You can read about the theme prompt HERE  and see my original FAL Q2 GOALS post HERE

The other two finishes are found on my Instagram feed  #2019falq2capitolaquilter 

Linking up to the Party as the lights dim.  
Happy Stitching, Karen


  1. Beautiful finish! And, what stunning pictures! I was late to the party, too. I linked up just after you. Oh well! They're finishes! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Oh my-eye goodness, Karen! This quilt is so fabulous! Love the theme and colors, and aren't you the lucky one to have a sister who will longarm quilt for you? Sounds like a perfect family match! Your retreat venue looks wonderful, and I think it's absolutely the best thing ever to retreat with quilt-y friends. You beautifully finished-up Q2.

    1. She FMQs on a sit down stationary mid-arm rather than a long arm which blows me away having tried both. The venue and time together was really fantastic.

  3. This one is so unique and wonderful. Congrats on a really lovely finish!! I'm still so intrigued by your prompt and love the palette. Your sister's quilting just put it over the top!

  4. It is beautiful. Amazing how many different interpretations there is of something as common as eyes. The beautiful color palette does tie everything together.

  5. This quilt is so great! It's a treat to enjoy it again and again as it pops up. Congrats on this beautiful finish. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts. ;-)

  6. Such a stunner! Your quilts always floor me.


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