Saturday, March 17, 2012

Multi-Tasking on another rainy day

Today I managed to multi-task.

Typically, I watch my no-brainer shows on Hulu while I quilt but yesterday it was pure veg time: back to back shows and I didn't even turn on my machine. My queue was up to 100+ episodes and I was feeling "behind". Grant it, I did launch my first post on the new blog - so it was a productive quilting day in a manner of speaking.

Back in the day when we had cable with HGTV, I would watch Simply Quilts, long long ago. Yesterday during my time on the computer, I stumbled upon Alex Anderson's The Quilt Show online with free viewing for the weekend in honor of International Quilt Day so that's how I've spent my morning. I chose the Paper-Pieced Perfection episode #809 featuring the NYB since I joined the QAL and have yet to start.  Now I really want to get started! 

While watching the show, I made a long overdue label on my new sewing machine using the memory feature for the first time (other than in class) and then hand stitched it on - that's where the multi-taking part comes in.  I love trying new things and products so I gave Sticky + a go and liked it fine.

There are SO many episodes available that I'm hoping to learn more as I do more with the risk of wanting to start something new rather than finish up what I've got in the works.  Selecting episodes that support existing projects like this one seems like a good plan.

Focus is not my strength when it comes to quilting and I'm hoping that blogging will help keep me on track and accountable.


  1. Sounds like a great day to me :)
    Your blog looks great!

  2. I hope you enjoy paper piecing. :D I would love someone else in the guild to be into it so I could compare patterns and such!

    I need a better setup for multi tasking. I love watching a show while I quilt, for instance, but don't have a good setup for it currently.


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