Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Starburst Double Take: aka Tassels

12.5x 12.5 Starburst Double Take
April is my month to choose a block for Friends + Fabric = AMSB (a modern swap bee) and I thought I had it nailed. I'd narrowed it down, made my test blocks, even posted a discussion thread - but classic Karen - I'm changing it up last minute.

The pattern is inspired by my Crush Quilt which was made using Cheryl Malkowski Dancing Twilight Pattern.

It's really only the layout that is different from my first prototype but I also decided that winging the placement of the triangles might be tricky for some and that trimming off the excess each time was less time efficient than simply stacking and cutting ahead of time. I promised a template option - don't know why - I hate templates, they make me cringe. 

Hope to have a step by step posting in the next few days. Seems tempting to do an April Fools joke and ask for a wildly difficult block, but anyone who knows me can testify how I just don't get the appeal of practical jokes.  Besides, these ladies are way too fabulous and bright to pull a fast one on.  Check out some blocks I've made so far: Crazy Crayon Box for Jen, Half Rectangle Triangle for Maria and Diamond Log Cabin for Linda.  I'd make them all again. They were great choices.

I named it Starburst Double Take since it took a second go at it to get it right and also for the double burst instead of the original single one.  Looking at it now I think it could be called "Tassels" hheee hheee.... if I was naughty.


  1. I love the small yellow stars, great work!

  2. This is so funky & unique! I love it!! :)

  3. I absolutely had to read to the end to get the tassels remark!! Mostly because I kept reading it as "tessels" in the title, which I was translating as a play on "tessellated," which also makes perfect sense to me with this design.

    Oh, and thanks for no practical jokes!! (though it's not yet April Fools...)


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