Friday, March 30, 2012

Tiger's Eye Log Cabin

I added the bottom row "Tiger's Eye" log cabin
I've been sitting on this swap for much too long - the hearts were added by Jan on Valentine's Day and then she mailed the top to me.  So this week I got my act together and created what I call Tiger's Eye Log Cabin for Mandy's Row Robin quilt.  The other blocks were each made of a single fabric, and I decided to mix batik and floral instead. The number of combinations that I auditioned was ridiculous, my stash buckets got a work out. I was going for continuity but wanted the subtle jagged center to be visible.

Around the Bend and Across the Pond! is my first swap of this nature and I'm really enjoying the process and variety.  There are six seriously talented quilters in our group making it fun to push my creative limits to try and keep up.

I'm also finding that naming blocks and quilts is really fun.  Jenny even credited me with naming Urban Deco, an awesome block with a tutorial at Sew Kind of Wonderful.

This one reminded me of a Tiger's Eye ring I had in High School and I love the meaning of the stone: Patience, Focus & Determination. Three traits that come in handy with quilting I'm sure you'll agree.  Check out Blades of Grass for Moni and the row I made for Jan using my Phillip Jacobs second-hand scraps. 

Susan posted that she's added the third row to mine and will be uploading pictures soon - can't wait!  They are nearing the half-way point and really taking shape.  Next up is our fearless leader Dana's row with whimsy and solids - time to break out some Heather Ross!

My part is done and I'll be shipping Mandy's to to Jacqueline. Linked to Finish it Up Friday Crazy Mom Quilts 

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