Sunday, January 13, 2013


Had a blast and although it seems ridiculous to say, twelve hours is just not enough!

The original goal was for me to leave last night with the QuiltCon Charity top all pieced together.  It will be one of the quilts for the 46 beds at the Austin Children's Shelter.

Thanks to Carole, Anne and Rebecca's determination we were able to not only finish the top but also baste it and then I began FMQing as you can see.

It did mean an impromptu road trip to my house and Miriam's for things we had forgotten then onto Hart's Fabric for a little more Ash. We picked up a pretty Art Gallery solid in aqua (not sure the name) for the binding while we were there with some expert advise from Julia.
Anne set pandora to my Colbie Calliat and Taylor Swift station so I'd feel right at home and with my back to everyone I managed to overcome my fear of FMQ with someone else in the room  (I usually don't even let my family come into the sewing room because I get so self conscious)

Fabulous spread reminiscent of the Quilt Retreat with goodies to keep us fueled and energized.  It was our first time to use the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz facility which was so nice.

Although most of my time was devoted to the QuiltCon Charity project I did work on both Madrona Road quilts and pieced the back to "No-ISOD" (No Inherent Sense of Direction) and partially piece the back to "Driving in Circles" which is good because they are on my to do list for 2013 finishes.

A collaborative effort may not be the swiftest one but it is still the best and most satisfying kind!  Hope that you all get a chance to sew with friends sometime soon.

Check out the Bloggy Giveaway at Leona's Quilty Adventures today and let her know what you plan to finish for a bonus entry.


  1. Power to you, getting past the self-conscious stage of quilting (not sure I'm there, myself)! And you did more than just get started on the FMQ... what I see in that photo would take me at least 3 afternoons! Beautiful work, Karen!

  2. Twelve hours is never enough! Looks like you made some really great progress though.


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