Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Chipping away at my list with a couple of biggies now in the finished category.  Sandwiching and FMQ have consumed most of my sewing time this week.  I'm pretty proud of pulling off my vision of fussy cut binding on Driving in Circles and you can (pretty much) read the story on both the front and back of the quilt.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  I just love her Candy Necklace quilt and think it is so cool that she made a Rebel Amish-inspired quilt crediting back to the lovely and talented Adrianne.
Fussy Cut Binding
Driving In Circles FMQ
Back before trimming
more Fussy Cut binding

QuiltCon Back

QuiltCon close up
QAYG  Echino Tote panel
The new Modern Quilts magazine arrived in the mail today. I'm loving first glance and need to give it a good read.

Speaking of mail... I finally managed to make it to the Post Office to mail my bee blocks for January. I tried earlier this week and the kiosk printer wasn't working.   Anyone have a good lead on bubble mailing envelopes?  I re-use the ones that I am sent for swaps/bees and can't stand waste or unnecessary expense but am finding I really need a stash.

Finished: 2 
FMQ of QuiltCon Charity Quilt
Driving in Circles (Madrona Road Quilt #1)

Progress: 3
Tassels (sandwiched) 
No ISOD (sandwiched)
SBA MQG Secret Tote Swap (she's going to love it..sshh)

Major Stall: 5
Art Supply Pouch
Donation tote for PVQA raffle basket
Pantone Emerald Challenge
Sisterly Love

New Projects: 1
Metal Frame purse 


  1. Love the fussy cut binding - what a cool idea!

    As for the Echino tote... just can't go wrong with Echino can you?! Gorgeous!

  2. wow, such pretty quilting! and i love your qayg panel!

  3. Wow i love it all! The way the words wrap around your binding is perfection! Did you have to cut it specifically to do that? I'm about to start on my Madrona Road quilt - but I haven't decided what to make yet. The inspiration will strike soon I'm sure!

  4. I love the way the words wrap round the quilt! Text fabric is so fabulous!

  5. Lovin' that binding!! :D
    I order my bubble mailers from Amazon. I like the #00 size for quilting blocks which is 5"x10". It's $25 for 250 of them and free shipping. You can get them from office supply stores as well, but they will generally cost quite a bit more (but you also don't end up with a box of 250 bubble mailers..) You can probably find smaller amounts on Amazon as well, I just used a lot of them for my shop.

  6. Your fussy cut binding is genius! And the quilting is lovely - nicely done!!

  7. Great idea to fussy cut the Madrona Road for the binding! Your Quiltcon is gorgeous, and the QAYG panel will make a fabulous tote!

  8. Wow its all amazing!! Love the fussy cut binding, and the quilting on your quiltcon quilt is awesome!!

  9. WOW. I have never fussy cut binding but that looks wonderful!

  10. Love the texty binding - gorgeous! And that echino tote is stunning so far! Must. Not. Add. More. Projects. To my list!!

  11. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! All of it! Love the binding, but the QuiltCon charity quilt is pretty cool, too. Great job, Karen!

  12. Wow! Great projects! Your Madrona Road quilt is stunning, I love the binding! I normally get my bubble mailers at Target, but they are crazy expensive (6 for $4).

  13. Oh wow Karen - the quilting on the Quiltcon quilt is amazing!!! Truly! I really love what you did with your binding too. Both your Madrona Road and the Quiltcon Quilts are showstoppers! You've done our guild proud! Love your QAYG too!!!!

  14. Also, thanks for the picture of the back! ;)

  15. Beautiful quilts - love the quilting designs and the binding on your Madrona Road one!

  16. Love the quilts! Both of them. Congratulations on your 2 big finishes!

  17. Holy cats, I love that fussy cut binding! What a fabulous idea!


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