Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This has got to be the craziest time of the year for me as far as quilty deadlines and I'm taking the Bucking Bronco approach - hold on tight!   Are you on a wild ride?

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Why does it feel like I made no progress?  At least I like what I've accomplished and that's satisfying.

these are two 13"blocks for
Modern Stash Quilting Bee Magnum PI hive, January for Verdewoman
tutorial from Diary of a Flutter.Kat used with size modification:

MoStash Light Green
MoStash Orange

Are you Trippin' yet?
Don't you love the blinds and the strips together?
It's easiest for make four at a time I've decided.

QuiltCon Charity quilt - the beginning of FMQ
The Kona Snow backing is unforgiving but I've got my brave face on!
We had a collaborative and productive Sew Day, more here.  I pieced the top row because I was the tallest.

So much on the list still yet to do.  The link up for finished Madrona Road on the flickr site is open now and I added the Bed Runner to it.  I'm really, really wanting to meet the Jan 31st deadline for the two Quilts - wish me luck!  We are having another Sew Day on Friday and that makes me smile - BIG.

Complete: 5
MoStash Star January 2 blocks
Another Scrappy Trip Along 4 blocks
Fix on F+F2 3rd block 
QuiltCon Charity Top (helped with)
Backing for No Inherent Sense of Direction aka: "No ISOD" (Madrona Road Quilt #2)

Progress: 4 
FMQ of QuiltCon Charity Quilt
SBA MQG Secret Tote Swap (can't share..sshh)
Donation tote for PVQA raffle basket
Backing for Driving in Circles (Madrona Road Quilt #1)

Back Burner: ?+
Art Supply Pouch
Photo Inspired PVQA challenge 


  1. I really love the star blocks you have done. My week feels like I am getting very little done too, yet very busy.

  2. The MoStash blocks are great and so is the FMQ on the QuiltCon charity quilt!

  3. YESSS to the sew day! I'm going to try to show up around 11:30 or noon. And I'm planning to baste all my stuff first, so I can just focus on getting it quilted! I totally know what you mean about having so much to do but not feeling like I'm making progress...But your list is showing a lot of progress to me!

  4. I really love the orange block. I like the Bucking Bronc approach. My motto is Cowgirl Up!

  5. wowsers! This is all very cool. I feel like I'm in a race too and I don't actually have real deadlines! So much pressure we put on ourselves! ;-) Take care & good luck on the projects you really want to finish!

  6. love it all. Especially like Mostash pieces.

  7. Karen, your quilting is awesome! If I could quilt like that I would be doing a happy dance right now! Your Mo-stash blocks are gorgeous too :)

  8. Those blocks are fab and I love your quilting too :)


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