Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: seam rippers and detours

I will admit I hit a patch of burn out this week after the Madrona Road marathon : six days non-stop from first cut to two finished quilt tops and a completed bed runner, it was pedal to the metal.  I did manage to make up two bee blocks for F+F2.  
Jessica was sweet enough to request such a simple pattern I thought it would be nice to make her a bonus 3rd but ended up misaligning the intersection so this one will take a seam ripper detour for an quick fix.  She wanted low volume and a splash of color with an understated wonkiness to it.

My other bee blocks for Modern Stash January are getting closer - finding enough variety of fabric for a 25 square layout is more challenging than my stash can handle but the collection is coming along:
Magnum PI Hive MoStash Bee - most parts
Speaking of detours and seam rippers... I am totally guilty of dropping everything to jump on the Scrappy Trip Along craze that hit the virtual quilting world. This shot was from our MQG meeting last night and I am always baffled by the hand jesters and expressions I make - it's a wonder I still go up in front of groups after seeing pictures of myself like this.
Our MQG had a fabulous show and tell of Madrona Road challenge progress. It was really fun to have my quilt pop up on The Modern Quilt Guild Facebook earlier this month and to see all of the innovative designs emerge since.  Here I am explaining about how I gathered tiny bits of scrap Chevron from my sewing room floor to insert here and there.  Now that I've got more, I'll be binding with it
No Inherent Sense Of Direction
I love giving names to my quilts, even when they are long and silly.  Anyone who knows me can attest to the appropriateness of "No Inherent Sense of Direction" with arrows pointing every direction. The shapes remind me of rolling hills rather than a traditional road sign symbol keeping in theme with the fabric line.

An update to last weeks finish, the 3rd Madrona Road project: My son iMessaged me from Argentina that the woman who is hosting him for Study Abroad "loved" the gift he brought but was kind of confused when he tried to explain what it was for. He attached a picture showing me that rather than a Table Runner, she is using it as a Bed Runner.  He said the beds are very small there and at 21"x37" it drapes perfectly and looks really pretty.  

I've also gathered fabric to make my older son a pouch for his art supplies.

Complete: 2
F+F2 January blocks
Scrappy Trip Along top

Progress: 2 
Art Supply Pouch
MoStash January blocks
3rd F+F2 January blocks (fix)

Back Burner: 6+
SBA MQG Secret Tote Swap
Photo Inspired PVQA challenge
Driving in Circles (Madrona Road Quilt #1)
No Inherent Sense of Direction aka: "No ISOD" (Madrona Road Quilt #2)

As usual...linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday . This week it’s hosted by Heidi at Buttons and Butterflies. Take a look.
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  1. AHahaha I feel like there was a picture of the scrappy trip along in there where you weren't gesticulating or making faces! Everyone loves seeing your quilts and your excitement about them! Don't worry about the photos. :)

    1. you really do know how to capture the real me though and it's good for a laugh so I picked it to post.

  2. Hey--hand gestures give that picture a unique quality. I'm of the gesturing-type and am always mortified when I see pictures of myself as I mug for the camera. Oh, well.

    I love that you were able to get three quilts out of one line of fabric. I just picked up a bit more of the "plaid" looking design in orange as I used mine completely gone and I still love it. And like you, I think the more complex a title, the more interesting it is, so keep it up. I'm not a fan of those titles I see at quilt shows like "Red, White and Blue Quilt." Aaaah. Give it a title, peoples!

    I'm traveling right now and I think the idea of a bed runner is terrific, really, as the last two hotels I've been in have them. I have a folded up quilt at the end of my bed at home and really, it looks like a bed runner in terms of dimensions. So nice for you to send a hostess gift!

    Okay--enough yakking, but did want to tell you it all looks great. Esp. the chevron bits here and there.

    Elizabeth E.

  3. Wow you HAVE been working hard!! (sewing hard I mean!) Beautiful. Loved the bit about the bed runner..heehee....


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