Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bloglovin and lovin' blogging

I should have a blogiversary more often!  It is so much fun to have so many comments in one little post especially from my followers - thanks folks.  The Echino giveaway is open for another day and then I'll pick a winner the old fashioned way with slips of scrap paper, a pencil and a basket.

Today I'm testing out the Claim Your Blog  option for Bloglovin so you can (hopefully) follow me using the button on the sidebar, we'll see how I do.  The import of blogs that I follow seemed to work seamlessly making the transition off of Reader hopeful.

fingers crossed....
temporarily relocating fabric buckets
On a  more exciting and exhausting topic... I have started the reorganizing of my sewing room by temporarily relocating the fabric buckets. Since this picture, I've added to the stack the scrap tubs and non-quilty weight fabrics.  The bookshelves and desk need to be assembled but first I have to clear out completely and shampoo the carpet.  I expect a major dip in sewing production... :(

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  1. I never used blog reader. I always used my dashboard to follow. I guess I need to see what blog reader was before it goes away.
    So Blogger itself will still be there? Confused as you can tell


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