Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In the long run... it will be worth it.  My quilting progress has been sidetracked by the desire...need..peer pressure :)... to redo my sewing space.  There are a few things that are a bit further along than last posting and some new items on my list of to do, but not a finish in sight.
 New project: curtain out of this fabulous huge scale botanical print fabric.
I found two chunks of batting that need joined before I can sandwich and FMQ the Tweet Tweet Twist charity quilt.  Isn't that green flannel going to be great? Linking up to ALYoF mid-month check in and feeling pretty good about my progress!
Deadline is today for my nephews Japanese Jigsaw 21st Birthday quilt and this is as far as I was able to get.  He'll forgive me I'm sure.
Here's our new futon.  It's going to be the furniture that the dogs ARE allowed on so a more practical cover is in order. I'm not sure if I will sew a full on zipped fitted one or just make a quilt that is large enough to drape and easy to toss in the wash.
This cabinet is the only item not still in a box. My sewing room makeover will consist of another one, two bookshelves and a desk with an ergonomically correct chair - unlike my current configuration. 

Progress: 2
Tweet Tweet Twist Charity Quilt (3/22)
21st B'day quilt : scrappy Jigsaw in Batiks (by 3/13 - late)

To Do: 3 

Swap for After Sewing Summit (table runner by 3/11-3/27)

Blocks for F+F2 March (blue & orange scrappy sprout 2) 

Blocks for MoStash March  (scrappy string X block 2) 

Linking up to WIP Wednesday and ALYoF. Hope you're making progress or at least have a fun reason why you're not!


  1. I'm reaching the end of my fabric wrapping project, and I'm either going to be ecstatic or just exhausted when it's done. lol I'll let you know!! I can't wait to see the updated space! :) It's great when you can just create and not have to deal with organizational woes.

  2. The futon is the only furniture the dogs are allowed on at our house too! I just use some thrifted sheets to cover it--easy to put on/off and wash. The Japanese Jigsaw quilt looks like it will come together nicely! I'm sure your nephew will love it, whenever he gets it. My family always gets their quilts a month or two late ;-)

  3. Your tweet tweet twist quilt is AWESOME. It looks super complicated and fun. Good luck with the sewing space clean-up!

  4. Awesome for a room makeover!! Definitely worth the slow in sewing!

  5. You have been busy! Good luck getting everything done!!!

  6. Love the nephew's quilt. My son got his when he was 24.

  7. The Japanese Jigsaw reminds me of argyle plaid. Diagonal quilting in a colored thread would really bring that design out!


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