Friday, March 29, 2013

Long awaited xPlus and Secrets

The xPlus went in my "to make" list the minute I saw it last year and now that it seems to be just about everyone - I'm going to get one of my own thanks to the ladies of F+F2 and MoStash. I'm queen bee for April in both swaps and this is the mosaic I've created for them along with a Gallery on my flickr.

Lucky Miss April - that's me

Usually I make a mock up of the block that I request but there were so many great ones already out there I didn't bother. Most likely I will wait until they come before I decide what to add to them and will likely make another dozen for a 6x7 layout although I do love a square quilt, 6x6 or 7x7.... The other idea is to make a couple of 24" blocks and mix in... has you seen that done?

Sshhh... it's a Secret

Finish it Up Friday has me at a disadvantage with my secret partner not having confirmed delivery of the After Sewing Swap package which is expected to be today. Here is a sneak of it to keep the surprise and later I will edit to add the full reveal.
Made using my QCR (Quick Curve Ruler) - any chance I get

EDIT: package arrived at my partner Tsoniki's house and so here's the entire Runner and Trivet. I took this picture on my table before mailing it off:

I'm letting the cat out of the bag about the wonderful package that came in the mail from Liz. She had posted a hexies teaser that I immediately chimed in on and lucky me, they were for these pot holders:
Swap Received 
The improv Kaffe shot cotton and amazing modern FMQ details of my table runner are sure to make everyone jealous and dinner time more appealing. Thank You Liz aka: FatChickQuilts!
After Sewing Summit Swap received 
Speaking of secrets... congrats to Junebug for winning the Intrepid Thread PlayCrafts palette builder contest.  It's fun to recognize swappers out there in blogland - you can read her post from a year ago when she was my secret partner in For The Love of Solids and made me the wall quilt that proudly hangs in my sewing room and shown in my very first blog post.


  1. I'm loving the curved shapes and pretty colours on your secret swap item! I'm off to check out Junebugs palette! Have a great day!

  2. Love those hexie pot holders! thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful swap projects and I'm excited for you for the x and + blocks - I so wish I had had a bee help me! ;-) I have not see examples with larger blocks thrown in - can you send me a link to one?

    1. Rossie made an all 24" xPlus which gives me the measurements if I want to try and combine the two sizes in my quilt but I haven't actually seen one like that yet - or know if it'll work... just thinking ahead of possibilities. By the time I get mine done I bet someone will beat me to it.

  4. I am so glad I had you as my partner in the swap! Thanks for blogging about them. Tsoniki is lucky, too. Love the runner you made for her..

  5. oooh, I like those xplus blocks, tops and layouts. So scrappyand colorful. Very tempting. Thanks for the pix and inspiration. cheers, Claire W.

  6. I love your table runner! How did you cut the shape for it?

    1. I used the Quick Curve Ruler, super easy and fun - you can see a lot of samples here:


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