Friday, April 19, 2013

Forward Motion

My sewing room redo feels a little like the saying one step forward and two steps back so it felt good to actually make some quilting progress this week. Here's the fourth and final quilt for the 31 Quilts in 31 Days SBAMQG charity drive.

All of them are now basted and ready to FMQ on Friday's Sew Day.  I'm going to take advantage of all of the fabulous tables that provide support for such a task and should finish in 8 hours since I'm planning to do a simple stipple.
I'm giving myself a pat on the back - not because I made these wonderful XPlus blocks but because I thought to be Queen for the same month in both of my bees.  The lovely ladies of F+F2 and MoStash get all the credit for these blocks and they just keep rolling in - yeah! Layout is going to be a blast.

I've bolted almost all of my yardage and have a plan for the 1/2 and 1/4 yards.  It was sad to put them back in the buckets but it's only temporary.  The bookshelf needs bolted to the wall.  It will be easier to color sort them when it's time to put them back in - or so I am telling myself.

The whole point of the redo was to reduce the clutter and make a creative environment.   I have to keep reminding myself of that as I try and cram all of it back in here. "Edit" is the word of the day - or maybe "Acceptance".
More buckets are full than empty....ugh
Happy to have finished up the final charity top and inking up to Finish it Up Friday. Check out all the amazing projects getting done.


  1. Good luck with the redo, Karen. Feel free to send over any fabric that you need to "edit" out!

  2. Those x plus blocks are looking great all together.

  3. Your x plus blocks are amazing! Have fun with them!

  4. Nice auction quilt and x-block quilt.


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