Monday, April 8, 2013

Spiral - the beginning

Spiral - the beginning by capitolaquilter
Spiral - the beginning, a photo by capitolaquilter on Flickr.
The Spiral workshop yesterday with Karin Lusnak was so inspiring and I really enjoyed her lecture at tonight's PVQA guild meeting not only about her quilts but her sculptures and perspective as well.

I don't mind that the curve is jagged although I'm anxious to try again (and again) playing with the magical third cut that determines the swoop of the swirl.   Creating our own personal text fabric was really unique and a great way to connect with the piece and process.

Originally I thought I'd just choose a neutral background and fill around the shape I had made in class but then decided to continue the spiral.  Blocking out my target size on the design wall helped tremendously.  Finished size 21"x26" this will hang in my Sewing Room.
Each fabric has a different FMQ, swirls, bubbles, woodgrain... it got pretty tricky in the super narrow areas but I just kept going.   The center jewel fabric made an encore appearance in the binding.

Endless options. No surprise... I feel an addiction coming on.


  1. This technique looks so cool. I love the colors too.

  2. That's awesome! I'd love to learn how to do that.

    1. the workshop was a blast and the process was both easier and harder than I thought. I'd get in a groove and think I had it down then would make a mistake and get confused. - that's why I need to make more soon to help it stick.

  3. Very cool - sounds like great fun and a great learning experience. Love your quilt!

  4. This looks so amazing, and something completely different. Lucky you for being able to learn it!

  5. Karen, such a beautiful piece. Seems like a very useful class.
    And you finished!

  6. That is a cool technique and I like the way you framed it in the light background and blue lines. Makes it much more interesting! cheers, Claire W.


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