Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family Time - All Five

Family Time - All Five by capitolaquilter
Family Time - All Five, a photo by capitolaquilter on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
We surprised my mom with a group picture of me and my siblings. This one is a similar shot of the one we used but taken with my phone - which you can tell because we are all looking in different directions!

The attire theme was black and white casual interpreted in a range of ways with my t-shirt and flip flops the most casual, go figure.
Having gorgeous weather in the seventies made for glare from the morning sun,  harsh shadows and squinty watery eyes - but I like this one too.
Christmas 2013 - Siblings Portrait 
The last time one was taken was from seven and a half years ago when our High School had a 1970's Group Reunion and I "made" everyone pose with their graduation portrait.  All five of us fell within that 10 year range, a bit of a novelty.

I think it's funny how my sister and I unintentionally wore similar black dresses then and white shirts with ruffled fronts this time.
High School Graduation Portrait and me in 2005
As I mentioned in my last post, I don't have my picture taken often and whenever I see one that I like it makes me think I should wear makeup and style my hair more often than once every decade.
Siblings Flashback 
While at my moms house I snapped a picture of a picture from her wall of portraits.  I'm not sure what year it was from but I love our outfits.  If you'd asked me if I've ever worn yellow pants I'd probably have laughed but the answer is apparently yes!

Quilts for Siblings

These are the quilts that I made and gifted to my sisters and brother over the last several years. I've listed them in order of age - but I'm not about to give away details other than to say that I am the youngest so no matter how old we all get, I'm still the baby. 

Now to get busy on the final 3 for my nieces and nephews :)


  1. Sweet family post and love the history of photos!

  2. What a great post and so lovely to see your family flashbacks! You look fabulous in all the pics :)

  3. Very touching post and wonderful photos! Your mom must be proud!

  4. Very sweet post. Glad to know how you mom enjoyed the pictures of her children. Neat idea that keeps going.
    Beautiful quilts, too. Amazing work you do.


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