Friday, December 6, 2013

November 2013 Fresh Sewing Day and December Link Ups

Fresh Sewing Day Mosaic
final f+f2 blocks
What happened to the day when I posted my Fresh Sewing Day Mosaic the same time I flipped the calendar page?  October was embarrassingly done on mid-month and this time's not that much better.  I'm determined -tardy or not - to trek on.  After all, one of the reasons that I started blogging and linking was to help keep my quilting (and life) from becoming one big blur!

xPlus was my November ALYoF goal and I finished in time but was too burned out to remember to link up to the party and then I let it get out the door for the show without taking a full shot -mostly because I didn't have enough hands.

sporting my Birthday iphone5s, headband & top
Not only have I been late I've also become quite sloppy with my timeline of projects and the definition of what makes the cut.  November to me means my BIRTHDAY and our QUILT RETREAT - not that there is a chance that these events would slip my mind, but I'm including them to be sure.

Here's a rundown of November's photos above: 1) hang sleeves on my quilts  2) Improv workshop 3) Rip Curl back  4) Schoolhouse Tunic 5) SBA MQG Quilt Retreat 6) Tile Workshop 7) Fruit Salad 8) xPlus 9) QCR baby top 10) Wonky Braid blocks 11) Birthday sort of-selfie.
My First  Quilt Show
Tonight I'm celebrating having my very first Quilt Show at our LQS SueDee's with friends and family who are brave enough to venture out in the cold for the reception- thank you!  I hate to cook as much as I love to quilt but am going to attempt making appetizers.   Having pulled off a lovely Thanksgiving meal for the first time in twenty some years has me hopeful. 

Playing around with the Pano mode of my new phone
I'll be adding a better Here's a picture of my completed xPlus which should be easy to take with it taken by Anne@ Play-Crafts while on displayed at the shop.  When it comes back home I plan a photo shoot in Capitola Village.  In the winter when the tourist are sparse I do enjoy spending time there.

Linking up to Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day
Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday  , Whoop Whoop and TGIFF December
Linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes December Goal for my Rip Curl Quilt (bottom right)
2013 New Years Resolution - Tops to Quilts Goal
I'm choosing Rip Curl as my ALYoF goal not only because I made headway on the back this month but because it is the FINAL top that is unfinished in my 2013 New Years Resolution goal mosaic!!!!

PS: forgive the blog layout glitches - I tried to update it and the formatting is a bit off so I'll keep trying to clean it up and make it prettier!


  1. I hope I can get to see your show! How exciting! (and I also learned to sew in 4H!)

  2. Congratulation on your show! Wishing you every success!!! Looks likes lots happening in your world. Looking forward to seeing the full version of you X quilt too! Thanks for sharing Marie (

  3. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on your show. I hope you take a bunch of pictures of it so that those of us too far to come get to see it too.

  4. Looking forward to seeing some close-up pics of the Rip Curl quilt. It looks like a lot of fun! And congratulations on finishing the quilts in your 2012 resolutions!

  5. Love your finished quilt and sure wish I could attend your show!! At the very least, I would have loved to have made the apps! ;-)

  6. Your bright cheery color selections really make me smile....congrats. on your show!!

  7. Cool projects you made! Little late but Happy Bday!

  8. WOW wonderful Projects and your x plus quilt Looks great on as a wallhanging!!!

  9. Love your + and x quilt, gorgeous. Visiting from Fresh Sewing day


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