Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Christmas Selfie by capitolaquilter
Christmas Selfie, a photo by capitolaquilter on Flickr.
Thanks to this little doll, Grammy's become quite the poser. I think I've had my picture taken more in the last month than in the history of cameras!
Gramps (he prefers Paps) by it's my post!
The same is true for my hubby.  He just can't get enough of her but with dimples like this and those cute little toes I don't blame him a bit.
I have yet to master low lighting or back lighting with my new iPhone so I had closed the drapes - this turned out kind of poor quality but is still a classic. Our traditional boys with dogs pose we try to do every year.  Dottie was WAY to busy to sit still, but that's a whole other story...
Christmas 2013
Photo on our Fridge 
On my bucket list is to gather all of the pictures I have from over the years and make a collage - this shot was easy to find since we keep it on our Fridge.  Not sure when it was from but you can see how much they have all changed.

Holiday Handmades all finished and gifted

Rip Curl - a Family sized Quilt
Kitchen Aid Mixer Cover
Table Runner 18x38
Another down to the wire completion. Next year I start in July!
Cose Up

Temporarily Interrupted 

I'm super excited about my new project - enough to set aside what I "should have been doing" and pull this lovely stack of prospect fabric.  Aqua/Teal isn't hard to find in my stash.  Gray to go with it on the other hand is lacking and may call for some after Christmas shopping.  This is for my niece's wedding quilt due in June (if you're reading this - close your eyes!)

More secrets that I can't share just yet...

Hope you are all enjoying family and friends this Holiday Season!


  1. What a fun post - love the pics of you and hubby with your grandgirl and also the 'boys with dogs' - love family classics! ;-)

  2. She has to be the cutest baby in the world! Love the snaps of the boys & dogs.
    Looks you & yours had a wonderful time. Happy stitching in 2014!


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