Friday, December 13, 2013

Swirling Small

Finally Finished 

32"x32" Front
Flannel Back
Completing my big xPlus quilt was tough - and I think I needed a bit of relief before taking on anything, even this little quilt.  The top and back have been done since the Quilt Retreat a month ago but I just now finished up the quilting and binding tonight.

It's a gift that is hitching a ride for an in person delivery otherwise it might still be sitting.   The fabric (especially the birds and the binding) and small size will give away who I made it for - so if you're reading this, act surprised when you open the box!

WIP and waiting

Built out Backing for Rip Curl
My goal for December ALYoF and the 9th of 9 tops for my 2013 New Year Resolution is to complete Rip Curl. The back, also made at the Retreat has now been built out to a size that will work.  Procrastinating has its price because my can of 505 is near the end and I went to 3 LQS with no luck, all sold out - one more to check this morning when they open otherwise I wait for Amazon prime to deliver.
Linking up to Finish it Up Friday .  Amanda Jean's Scrap Vortex makes me want to start my own and she has the most amazing super swirl going on, check it out and all the fun links too.

Christmas Tee outing 
Elfie Selfie

Signing off with a Grammy brag book picture - cuz that's what we do!


  1. Aaaaawwwwh - what a cutie! And beautiful quilting on that little quilt.
    Happy Holidays to you Karen!

  2. SO precious!! Have a great Christmas


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